• ADAU1977 Linux Driver LRCLK Mode


    I have a few problems integrating the ADAU1977 with the help of the Linux driver from Analog Devices and I would be happy if someone can help me.

    At first a little overview about my system:


         - NXP i.MX 8MN Eval-Board

         - ADAU1977 is connected…

  • Do ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 support sample by sample operation?

    Hi, we are about to buy ADZS-SC573-EZLITE kit and it has ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 ADCs on board.

    My concern is that ADAU1977 and ADAU1979 ADCs support sample by sample analog-to-digital conversion operation.

    In other words, we ask if it can operate so that…

  • Microphone Input Using ADAU1977 With ADSP-21569-EZKIT

    Hi All,

    Can anyone refer me to an example of using the ADAu1977 for microphone input with the ADSP-21569-EZKIT? My team has successfully worked with audio coming from the RCA channels through the ADAU1979, however, we would live to get live microphone…

  • How could I configure the SRU file for the SC584 EZLITE board to add ADAU1977 to ADC DAC playback example?

    Hi ADI expert,

    I am using the ADSP-SC584 EZLITE board to develop ANC solution.

    I want to add the ADAU1977 to the ADC DAC playback project that basically uses the adau1979 and adau1962a.

    I can't understand from the manual how to modify SRU file.


  • ADAU1977/ADAU1978/ADAU1979 PLL and Clock settings, when sampling rate is lower than 32kHz


    Please let me ask how to configure PLL and Clock when the sampling rate is lower than 32kHz.

    For example, when sampling rate is 16kHz on the ADAU1978,
    how can we decide SAI_CTRL0.FS and PLL_CONTROL.MCS values, and MCLKIN frequency?

    Depending on the sampling…

  • RE: ADAU1977 Evaluation GUI Crash

    Thank you Rajeev.

    Regarding support of ADAU1977 in SigmaStudio, I couldn't find it in the list of processors/ICs.

    For now just try to use SigmaStudio. The ADAU1977 is in the library and it pulls up the same exact interface.

    Should I…

  • ADAU1977 Configuration


    I would like to apply the ADAU1977 for multi analog input as shown in the picture below

    May I know is this possible? And, what about the I2S output? Can I select the output from which two analog channels?

    And about the software GUI to configure…

  • ADAU1977 ADC SPORT configuration in DMA mode


    I'm rewrote the ADAD1979 driver (almost the same as ADAU1977 driver) in order to configure the DSP SPORT and ADAU1977 registers in I2C.

    I'm using the DSP as a Master device and ADAU1977 as slave. (I2S Stereo mode)

    I configured the BCLK…

  • total delay of ADAU1977 and AD1934

    Hello support team,

    I want to clarify total delay of ADAU1977 and AD1934 (at fs=48kHz) .
    Group delay is specified in each datasheet as 22.9844/fs and 25/fs respectively, but how many extra sampling clocks do I need to assume for "Serial Auto Port" portion…

  • ADAU1977 Linux Driver

    One of our customer is struggling to get the ADAU1977 driver register with no error in the kernel.


    After adding some print traces into the driver code, it seems the error comes from the driver complaining that the configuration is missing the dai_name…