• ADAU1977 Configuration


    I would like to apply the ADAU1977 for multi analog input as shown in the picture below

    May I know is this possible? And, what about the I2S output? Can I select the output from which two analog channels?

    And about the software GUI to configure…

  • ADAU1977 Drivers

    Do you have any device drivers (linux or microcontroller) available or in development for the ADAU1977 Quad ADC?

  • ADAU1977

    Dear Support,


                          I look for ADAU1977 Digital volume control

                          information at D.S but not found


     pls advice


                          Thank you in advance




                        Miguel Liber


  • ADAU1977 - MCLKin

    For my customer Factem that is starting a project with the ADAU1977 audio ADC, I have a question regarding the MCLK pin (pin 7)….

    He won’t use the MCLK input clock and will be in slave mode with the PLL locked on the LRCK clock input . Can you tell us…

  • ADAU1977 Linux Driver

    One of our customer is struggling to get the ADAU1977 driver register with no error in the kernel.


    After adding some print traces into the driver code, it seems the error comes from the driver complaining that the configuration is missing the dai_name…

  • Question about ADAU1977

    Hi All,

    I'd like to set 128kHz sample rate but no information on Table 10. in the data sheet.

    Does the ADAU1977 support 128kHz sample rate?  If it does, please let me know what registers I should set to get 128kHz sample rate.



  • About ADAU1977 load current

    Hello all,

    ADAU1977 Data Sheet doesn’t have any information about its load current.

    Could you please provide it for me?

    ■Back ground of the question

    In my system, I connected ADSP21489 to 4 ADCs(ADAU1977).

    I need to know if ADSP21489s driving capability…

  • About tABDD on ADAU1977

    Hello all,

    I have a question about tABDD on ADAU1977.

    The ADAU1977 data sheet table 6 on p.8 says that the tABDD(SDATAOUTx delay from BCLK falling) is 18 ns at maximum.

    The Figure 2. Serial Output Port Timing on p.9 shows tABDD in Left justified mode…

  • Three wire interface connection to ADAU1977

    Hello ADI Support Team,


    As illustrated in the attached picture, I have a 3 wire interface sensor which I intend to connect with ADAU1977. I have 2 pending questions regarding my proposal:

    • with this connection, could I have the diagnostics feature…
  • ADAU1977 Evaluation GUI Crash

    Hi Sir,
    My OS is Win7 Pro 32bits version but I encountered some questions when run ADAU1977 evaluation software GUI.
    And I've tried to installed in on three computers but all problems are the same.
    This evaluation software crashed when I open it.