• Single Microphone into two ADAU1977s

    The ADAU1977 has a built-in Microphone input and Mic Bias circuit.  I have a redundant input
    into my system to two ADAU1977s.  I have a single microphone that needs to
    connect to one input on each ADAU1977.  How can I connect the single
    microphone to the two…

  • ADAU1977

    Dear Support,


                          I look for ADAU1977 Digital volume control

                          information at D.S but not found


     pls advice


                          Thank you in advance




                        Miguel Liber


  • About ADAU1977.dll for SigmaStudio



    Currently, I am trying to evaluate EVAL-ADAU1977.


    I downloaded the following evaluation software, but it does not work on my PC.


  • ADAU1977 Codec Driver: micbias always set to default (8.5V) as dev.platform_data is null.

    In the codec driver for adau1977, the value for micbias is retrieved from dev->platform data. However, as this article states, if the driver has been instantiated from the device tree code, the platform_data pointer will be null, indicating that the…

  • ADAU1977 Evaluation Software does not startup

    Hi, ADI Support

    I installed the ADAU1977 Evaluation Software which is downloaded from the following.
    ADAU1977 Evaluation Software - 32 Bit
    ADAU1977 Evaluation…

  • RE: About tABDD on ADAU1977

    Happy Christmas eve Dave,


    Thank you for your answer.


    I understand that the tABDD on Figure2 in the ADAU1977 data sheet should have been drawn tABDD+1BCLK cycle.

    Also, Thank you so much for giving me the very useful formula for my future design…

  • RE: ADAU1977 Linux Driver

    Comments from the customer:

    Reply to post above: I was already aware of what was mentioned in the reply and I really thought that it should  have been straight forward to get the device tree working without changing anything in the simple_card driver but…

  • RE: HBM and CDM ESD data of ADAU1977?

    I have got this info:


    HBM: 4kV, CDM:1.25kV


  • Connect microphones to ADAU1979

    In the SC584-EZLite there are ADAU1977 & ADAU1979.

    I would like to connect 8 microphones to the EZLite, 4 to each codec.

    However, the ADAU1979 doesn'y have mic bias as ADAU1977.

    How can I still use standard microphoens with the ADAU1979?

  • Max current consumption of ADAU1977?

    Hi all.


    We are considering the adoption of ADAU1977.

    The data sheet of the ADAU1977 does not have a description of the maximum current consumption for each power pin.

    Could you tell me the maximum consumption current of each power supply pin?