• ADAU1966 analog part not working - DAC muted


    I am working on a project with the ADAU1966A but without out the evaluation board, just the DAC itself. I am writing the registers with the SPI mode and I achieve writing and reading them back right. The thing is that when I input some signal…

  • ADAU1966 - Pass transistor Power Dissipation

    Hi Support team,

    I need to calculate the worst power dissipation in the external pass transistor used between pins Vsupply and Vsense pins.  As per datasheet, DVDD requires 30mA. Is this the maximum current (considering temperature limit). What is the…

  • How to connect unused SDATA inputs on ADAU1966?

    How should I connect unused SDATA inputs on ADAU1966?


    You should treat SDATA inputs on ADAU1966 the same as any unused logic/digital
    inputs, we recommend tying them to GND.
  • EVAL-ADAU1966 Data Input by SPDIF Reciever


    I am planning to purchase the EVAL-ADAU1966 for a project, but there are some issues I would like to be clarified.

    The 12 channel audio input (192KBps 16bit) need approx. 4.5 MB/s bandwidth. How the evaluation board can input the regarded multichannel…

  • Need starting point for ADAU1966 linux driver

    I don't see ADAU1966 as one of the products with a supported linux driver.  Since I will be using this on a linux platform, what is the best (most similar) starting point among the existing drivers?

  • ADAU1966 evaluation board not getting PLL clock


                       I brought ADAU1966 evaluation board. I am using ARWB software with I2C to communicate with board. I was able to read and write to registers successfully. Initially I programmed all registers to reset state. then I made power up bit 1 in PLL_CLK_CTRL0…

  • What should ADAU1966 TDM16 waveform look like exactly??

    I am trying to use TDM16 input mode on ADAU1966 and having no luck.

    The datasheet does not give a complete waveform for what the device expects.  In fact, figure 15 seems to indicate it might even require 1 LRCLK pulse per slot (which make no sense at…

  • ADAU1966 Audio DAC documentation for I2C seems all messed up

    I am looking through the datasheet for the ADAU1966 audio DAC trying to get I2C working but there seems to be a lot of errors in the datasheet.

    For example, on page 17 it references Rb/W being low for the first address frame but the nomenclature in the…

  • ADAU1966: If using a direct MCLK can I leave LF and PLLVDD pins disconnected?

    Regarding the PLL of ADAU1966, I intend to use a 48kHz FS with a
    24.576MHz master clock. I can provide all the clocks to the ADAU1966.
    Can I completely disable the internal PLL or do I still need to connect the
    PLLVDD and LF circuits…
  • RE: ADAU196XAZ test, i can't get a digital input 24bit signal by the sigmastudio or the ARWB

    Hi Dave

    With your help, i can use EVAL-ADAU1966A to get a good analog signal now, I have some questions about the EVAL-ADAU1966A board, also about the DAC chip adau1966.

    let me tell you about my configuration, for the EVAL-ADAU1966A, i set the adau1966 work…