• RE: ADAU1966 software question

    Hello terryyuan,

    Sorry for the delay in answering. Is there still an issue with the customer's system?

    If the Master clock is coming from the DSP then it should be booted first then boot up the DAC. 

    What sampling rate is being used?

    Who is the master…

  • ADAU1966


    We are trying to use this DAC to generate constant voltages to control some test equipment (so not fast changing audio, DAC was chosen by our customer). This is having to be driven by a PIC32MX in TDM 16 mode. However as the PIC32 does not support…

  • ADAU1966 comparable ADC

    Does anyone know if ADI has plans for an 8-channel or 16-channel audio ADC with a TDM output anytime soon? The ADAU1966 looks awesome. I would love to have a sister device to use on an analog front end.

  • ADAU1966 USBi driver software


         I have recently brought ADAU1966 evaluation board. I have installed automated register window builder given in the website with drivers. I connected USBi to evaluation board but my drivers are not properly installed. Also the xml files for ADAU1966…

  • ADAU1966 - important questions


    I am going to connect ADAU1966 DAC and ADAU1442/1445 Sigma DSP together and I have some questions.

    1) On page 15 of ADAU1966 documentation we can read:

    "If the ADAU1966 is to be used in direct MCLK mode, the PLL can be powered down in the PDN_THRMSENS_CTRL_1…

  • ADAU1966 maximum load current

    How much current can I draw from the analog outputs? The datasheet does not
    give values for the maximum recommended currents.


    We do not specify a maximum amount of AC current that the part can supply,
    rather we say that the part should…
  • ADAU1966 Standalone mode limitations

    Hi gents,

    could you confirm that in standalone mode (no SPI/I2C) there is no way to make the ADAU1966 work at 96kHz sample rate?


  • ADAU1966 Communication over TDM bus

    Hello everyone!

    It's the first time that I am using ADAU1966, and it looks like I can't make it work! 

    More specifically I am looking at the  Communication over TDM bus, I am sending signals but ADAU1966 is not responding to generate anything.


  • ADAU1966 Evaluation board PLL not working


                       I brought ADAU1966 evaluation board. I am using ARWB software with I2C to communicate with board. I was able to read and write to registers successfully. Initially I programmed all registers to reset state. then I made power up bit 1 in PLL_CLK_CTRL0…

  • ADAU1442 and ADAU1966 sample drops


    We have a board with one ADAU1442 and one ADAU1966 in TDM16 mode. As soon as we upload a SigmaStudio file with some processing, one output drops samples (probably almost output 1, 2, 3 or 4). You can easily see what goes wrong when we insert a sine…