• RE: Power-On Self Test (POST) on ADSP-21569 EZ-Board


    Have you ever used TMD4 and 192KHz format?

    In the Audio_loopback_TDM example, I set the sampling rate of ADAU1962A and ADAU1779 to 192KHz, and the Serial Port Mode to TMD4. RCA has signal output, but the sound is distorted.

    The data Sheet of adau1962a…

  • RE: SigmaStudio 4 SharC ADSP-21569 sample rate

    Hi Yuka,

    The ADC(ADAU1979) and DAC (ADAU1962A) register settings can be referred from respective data sheets. Please refer following path,

    ADC(ADAU1979) ADAU1979 (Rev. 0) (analog.com)

    DAC (ADAU1962A) - ADAU1962A (Rev. A) (analog.com)


  • RE: How do I configure the SRU file for the SC584 EZ KIT EVM board

    Hi ADI expert,

    I'm in trouble with the same problem.

    Could you share the solution about how to configure the SRU file for SC584 EZLITE board to use ADAU1977 + ADAU1962A?



  • configuring EZKIT sc584 for 12 analog outputs using TDM16


    I would like to configure the sc584 for 12 analog outputs i.e. the RCA port connected adau1979 (default as inputs) should now used as outputs. My goal is to receive 4 analog inputs from adau1977 and copy them to all 12 outputs of adau1962a.


  • RE: Connecting external DACs to ADSP-SC589 EZ Board


    SRU routing and schematic changes is fine, but the DAC settings also needs to be changed.

    For example,

    In adi_adau1962a_Open() function the serial mode setting is "ADI_ADAU1962A_SERIAL_MODE_TDM8" , this needs to be changed to I2S mode. Similarly you…

  • RE: ADAU1962 Popping noise after Power-ON

    Hello Ramesh,

    Sorry for the missed reply. The EZKit is using an ADAU1962A only using the DACP outputs single ended. When the power up bit is engaged the DAC output come up to the common mode output voltage. If the output were to be used differentially…

  • how to using A2B stack and audio is out form slave 1 node?

    I have a very basic question, how do I play the sound from the headphone jack of Slave 1.

    1 Hardware:

    ADSP-SC584 EZ board ( ADSP-SC584 processor + AD2425 (Master))

    EVAL-AD2428WC1BZ board (slave 0)

    EVAL-AD2428WB1BZ board (slave 1)

    2 Connections…

  • RE: ADAU1328 DAC output filters (would passive be okay?)

    Hello Pete,

    I wish we did have the output impedance spec but basically, you do not want it to drive too low of an impedance. The THD and other specs will gradually start to fall off once you get below around 3.6K-ish. It is not an edge of a cliff but…

  • RE: ADAU1458 interface with multiple DACs

    Hi Dave,

    Many thanks for the prompt response and providing this excellent feedback for our design.

    Using ADAU1962A seems like best option to go forward with. We are not married to any particular DSP or audio codec at this time, so we are flexible in choosing…

  • RE: Can't get data ADC data to be in [-1, 1) range on EZ-KIT SC589


    Please find the attached Example Audio playback project for SC-589 ezkit which de-interleave the received channel data from ADC 0, 1, 2, 3 into four buffers. Kindly check the de-interleaved from the attached image

    In this example project, we are…