• RE: ADAU196XZ documentation

    Hello Pingky,

    I apologize for the confusion. We updated the PCBs to improve the functionality but the user guide has not been updated. I am still in the process of updating the 196xA user guides and will do the 196x user guides soon. Meanwhile, the 196xA…

  • ADAU1962A routing to different output (ADSP-SC573)


    I would like to ask how can I change routing on ADAU1962A. I trying to rework example for Playback from SPDIF, by default audio is routed on Out0 of ADAU1962A unit. I want to rework it to route it to different output port of ADAU1962A but I can't get…

  • RE: sc584-ezboard play wav file

    Hi jeffxu,

    Please refer to the datasheet of ADAU1962A, you will find the supported MCS and fs Modes in table 12, if you set to 22579200, it cannot support 32k, 48k, 64k. And I think the other option you can try is to drive the ADAU1962A with only DLRCLK…

  • ADAU1962A Pop-up noise after Power-ON

    Dear Team,

    Initially pop-up noise is observed at ADAU1962A DAC output after enabling Master Power-Up bit of  PLL_CLK_CTRL0

    register. Please find the attachment for ADAU1962A configuration code.

    Could you please share the your feedback on this issue…

  • RE: Using more than 4 audio outputs on the ADSP-SC584 EZ-Board

    Hi Dave,

    I am currently using the default configuration provided in the example program "ADC DAC Audio Playback (sharc)" you can find in the help menu of CCES (in my case version 2.3.0). I have copied the initialization function I am using (Adau1962aInit…

  • RE: ADAU1458 interface with multiple DACs

    Hi Dave,

    Many thanks for the prompt response and providing this excellent feedback for our design.

    Using ADAU1962A seems like best option to go forward with. We are not married to any particular DSP or audio codec at this time, so we are flexible in choosing…

  • adau1962a  reduce the mute period

    I am using the SC589 startkit, which there is a adau962a DAC. After the DAC was enabled, it took about 30ms that signal appread at the out pin. I think the mute period is too long for our application, is there a way to reduce the mute period, thank y…

  • Use of passive output filters with AD1934


    Like with the ADAU1962A and the ADAU1966A, I would like to be able to use the AD1934 with passive output filters.

    Kindly suggest the recommended circuit with component values.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • RE: Configuration ADAU1961 for Maximum independent channels DAC channels

    Hello phanikp,

    There are only two DACs on the ADAU1961. So you would need a large number of parts to get 24 channels. I don't think this is a good solution for you.

    You should look into the ADAU1962 and the ADAU1962A. These are only DACs but they…