• RE: About the power supply of ADAU1962A

    Hello GUNC,

    As you see in the datasheet, running the PLLVDD and DVDD at 3.3V is within its MAX voltage but not by much. If your 3.3V power supply happens to be 5% over nominal it will be at the MAX for the DVDD and PLLVDD. In addition, the power dissipation…

  • About SDATA Format in ADAU1962A

    ADAU1962A does not support SDATA Format setting in TDM format. What does its SDATA Format look like? Is it the same as I2S?

  • ADAU1962A routing to different output (ADSP-SC573)


    I would like to ask how can I change routing on ADAU1962A. I trying to rework example for Playback from SPDIF, by default audio is routed on Out0 of ADAU1962A unit. I want to rework it to route it to different output port of ADAU1962A but I can't get…

  • ADAU1962A Pop-up noise after Power-ON

    Dear Team,

    Initially pop-up noise is observed at ADAU1962A DAC output after enabling Master Power-Up bit of  PLL_CLK_CTRL0

    register. Please find the attachment for ADAU1962A configuration code.

    Could you please share the your feedback on this issue…

  • adau1962a  reduce the mute period

    I am using the SC589 startkit, which there is a adau962a DAC. After the DAC was enabled, it took about 30ms that signal appread at the out pin. I think the mute period is too long for our application, is there a way to reduce the mute period, thank y…



    I have modified the ADC_DAC_Playback Example project to get TDM4 and also TDM8 working.

    Then I added the USB Audio DEMO for ADSP-SC573 and modified the configuration settings for ADAU1962A (TDM8) and the audio is distorted.

    The best way to describe…

  • Some question about ADAU1962A Evaluation Board's USBi driver code

    I can't find any x64 USBi driver in https://www.analog.com/en/products/adau1962a.html#product-documentation.

    Only x86 USBi driver is available on the website.

    Where can I get x64 USBi  driver code ?

  • 想詢問ADAU1962A Evaluation Board 的USBi driver問題

    我從官網上下載所提供的software code ,下載並安裝後在C槽的Program Files\Analog Device\USB drivers資料夾內會提供USB的驅動程式,

    但是此USB driver32位元的電腦才能使用,我的電腦是64位元,

    www.analog.com/.../adau1962a.html 裡面找不到相關的驅動程式,

    不知道要怎麼才能拿到64位元的USBi driver ?

  • 想詢問關於ADAU1962A Evaluation Board 的USBi 問題

    我從官網上下載所提供的software code ,下載並安裝後在C槽的Program Files\Analog Device\USB drivers資料夾內會提供USB的驅動程式,

    但是此USB driver是32位元的電腦才能使用,我的電腦是64位元,

    https://www.analog.com/en/products/adau1962a.html#product-evaluationkit 裡面找不到相關的驅動程式,

    不知道要怎麼才能拿到64位元的driver code?

  • RE: SigmaStudio 4 SharC ADSP-21569 sample rate

    Hi Yuka,

    The ADC(ADAU1979) and DAC (ADAU1962A) register settings can be referred from respective data sheets. Please refer following path,

    ADC(ADAU1979) ADAU1979 (Rev. 0) (analog.com)

    DAC (ADAU1962A) - ADAU1962A (Rev. A) (analog.com)