• sc584-ezboard play wav file

    I'm using aplay to play audio file ,when I play wav file , the log is :

    # aplay -l                                                                      
    **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****                                     
    card 1: sc58xadau1962 [sc58x-adau1962], device 0: ADAU1962 adau1962-hifi-0 []   
      Subdevices: 1/1                                                               
      Subdevice #0: subdevice…

  • ADAU1962 Popping noise after Power-ON

    Dear Team,

    Initially popping noise is observed at ADAU1962 DAC output after enabling Master Power-Up bit of  PLL_CLK_CTRL0

    register. Please find the attachment for ADAU1962 configuration code.

    Could you please share the your feedback on this issue.

  • RE: Have any audio ADC and DAC parts SNR can reach up to 114 dB?

    Dear Dave,

    We promote ADAU1962(DNR up to 115.5 dB) to customer, but they found ADAU1962 THD+N in worse case (MAX) is -85 dB, and our competitor Cirrus Logic CS42528 THD+N can reach to -100 dB, and MAX is -94:

    Have any advise for this?

    Thank you!

  • ADAU1978 and ADAU1962 LRCLK input jitter

    For the ADAU1978 adc and ADAU1962 dac, when the pll input clock reference is LRCLK, what is the maximum jitter authorized on LRCLK?

    I saw 300ps in ADAU1962 datasheet but I don’t know if it is true only when the PLL reference is MCLKin

    Regarding the…

  • ADAU1962 BCLK but no LRCLK.

    Hello, I need some help please.

    I have an ADAU1962 operating in standalone, master mode that is outputting BCLK but not LRCLK. LRCLK pin is stuck at 0v, it's not shorted to ground. Before I replace the part I thought it smart to have someone verify my…

  • RE: configuring the ADAU1962 to tdm8


    I am going back through old posts we missed. Sorry about that. Did you work out this issue?

    Dave T

  • Are ADAU1962 & ADAU1978 available in SigmaStudio?

    Dear Sir,

    I can't find ADAU1962 & ADAU1978 in SigmaStudio (Ver 3.13).

    Can you please kindly advise how to find these two component or is any library that I can import to SigmaStudio? 

    Thanks very much !


  • RE: how do I setup the signal routing when using the SC-584 EZ-kit


    I am back to configuration of the ADAU1962, but now instead of using the DAC for 4 outputs (PRI+SEC using STEREO mode) as for the example I found for the EZ EVM KIT of the SHARC SC584.

    I will now need to have 8 outputs. If I am right understanding…

  • How do I configure the SRU file for the SC584 EZ KIT EVM board

    I am using the ADSP-SC584 EZ-Board.

    I want to add the ADAU1977 to the Throughput project that basically uses the adau1979 and adau1962

    I have 2 SRU_config files from the 2 different projects: Throughput project using the adau1979 + adau1962, and chan_freq…

  • ADAU144x and ADAU1962 TDM8 serial output configuration.

    Hello, I'm having troubles setting the serial ports to TDM8, I've previously worked with 2 channel DACs and SigmaDSP but this has me stumped.

    ADAU1962 is master in standalone mode, TDM8 pulse.

    ADAU1446 is slave. I'm using clock domain 3.