• ADAU1961 power down

    I'm currently designing an application which can disable its analog section but the digital domain remains powered.

    Scrutinizing the data sheet's absolute maximum ratings and all other sections about powering the ADAU1961 lead me to the assumption…

  • RE: ADAU1961 THD+N value under the condition of word width = 16 bits

    Hello Dave,

    It is a transfer that sends 24 bits, but uses the first 16 bits and discards the remaining 8 bits.

    Codec is used as a slave, and sampling is 48kHz for I2S communication.

    Then the Codec recognizes it as 24-bit data width, can I switch to 16…

  • About adau1961 driver

    I found the  macro in here https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/linux/blob/adau17x1/sound/soc/codecs/adau17x1.h

    #define ADUA_SERIAL_PORT1_BCLK32          (0x0 << 5)

    #define ADUA_SERIAL_PORT1_BCLK48          (0x1 << 5)

    #define ADUA_SERIAL_PORT1_BCLK64          (0x2 <<…

  • ADAU1961 drop in replacement

    Can the ADAU1761 be used as a drop in replacement for the ADAU1961 audio codec, with setup changes? I won't be using the DSP. I saw this post:


  • RE: adau1961 alsa problem

    Dear Lars:

    >>What the datasheet means in regards to INFREQ[1:0] is that if the PLL is used the actual setting of >>INFREQ[1:0] is ignored and the chip uses 1024*fs.

    So the clock control register with value 0x9 is correct.

    >>If the DMA interrupts…

  • DC measurement with ADAU1961


    The ADAU1961 was designed to convert audio signals, but we have a sensor where we have to measure a DC-Signal. Ist this also possible with the ADAU1961?

    Thank you for your help!

    Josef Peter Gessler | Embedded SW Engineer |

  • ADAU1961 Internal Input Biasing


    We are utilizing the ADAU1961 in a design and when taking some design-verification measurements I'm not seeing any bias-voltage applied to the inverting inputs (LINN, RINN),  while the non-inverting inputs (LINP, RINP) both are biased at AVDD…

  • ADAU1961 Linux kernel for 3.2.26


    I received this question from a customer. Are there any older ADAU1961 drivers based on the 3.2.x kernel?

    The ADAU1961 code you have posted online seems to be based on the 3.10 or 3.12 kernel.  It would be difficult for us to back port due…

  • ADAU1961 pseudo differential input

    On the ADAU1961 is there any issues if the pseudo differential input configuration is reversed? ie RINN is connected to CM and the microphone output is connected to RINP (through a 10uF cap)?

    The reasons is I have noticed on our implementation that this…

  • Blackfin I2S and ADAU1961

    I have a custom board with an ADAU1961 CODEC and have interfaced it to a Blackfin 533 using SPI and SPORT0. I have set up the CODEC for I2S communications based on figure 57 of the ADAU1961 data sheet i.e..

    LRCLK Polarity (LRPOL - Frame begins on falling…