• RE: ADAU1961 drop in replacement

    I tried this above ^ and didn't get any audio out. I also tried adding register 0x40F9 = 0x0B and register 0x40FA = 0x01, and still didn't get any audio out. 

    I feel like Analog should have a document describing the registers that need…

  • ADAU1961 and TDM4

    Hello ADI designers,
    My question is about the ADAU1961, and more precisely about its TDM4 feature.
    Basically : how to use 2 ADAU1961 with a sharing of their ADC_SDATA and DAC_SDATA lines ?
    The aim is to use only 2 lines of data for 2 CODECs, instead of 4…

  • ADAU1961 serial ports


    Is there any way to loop back ADAU1961 DAC_SDATA input to ADC_SDATA output pin inside the chip? I would like to repeat the incoming I2S data on ADC_SDATA output.

    Thank you for the answer in advance!

  • ADAU1961 ADC Offset

    I have an AC coupled audio signal going into the pseudo differential input on the ADAU1961 but on the output of the ADC there is a 'DC' offset in the ADC Data. Is this normal? I'm sampling at 16 Bits 16KHz

    I've attached a file with captured…

  • ADAU1961: Mono microphone input

    Hello. I'm using the ADAU1961 in a product that has a mono microphone input. No differential inputs, or stereo single-ended inputs. How should I go about connecting a mono microphone to the ADAU1961? I'm assuming the microphone input would be connected…

  • ADAU1961 I2C timing

    I am using Analog audio codec ADAU1961 in our design and trying to verify the I2C timing between the ADAU1961 and a microprocessor per ADAU1961 datasheet rev A, Table 6. Digital Timing for I2C port. But I could not find the Data Hold time in the the…
  • ADAU1961 Input Mixing

    Is it possible to mix the left and right inputs into a single ADC on the ADAU1961?

  • ADAU1961 I2S master mode


    I am trying to use the ADAU1961 as simple stereo ADC with external MCLK (12.288MHz) with 256×Fs and 48kHz sample rate.

    If I set up the device to generate the BCLK and LRCLK (master mode operation), the clocks are correct but the data coming out…

  • ADAU1961 ALC function

    Hi ADI Expert,

    I'm using the MEMs Mic (as attachment) with ADAU1961. 

    And if I'm using ADAU1961's ALC function, the input need to be differential or pseudo input as datasheet mention in p.32. So the connection should be as below ? 

    Input signal…

  • ADAU1961 power down

    I'm currently designing an application which can disable its analog section but the digital domain remains powered.

    Scrutinizing the data sheet's absolute maximum ratings and all other sections about powering the ADAU1961 lead me to the assumption…