• SigmaStudio EVAL-ADAU1787Z


    I just received EVAL-ADAU1787. Current  SigmaStudio 4.2 has no ADAU1787 support. Could you please provide me SigmaStudio with ADAU1787 support that I can use EVAL-ADAU1787.

    Thank you in advance.

  • ADAU1787 - eval example project


    Whether there is at least one example project for Eval1787 to check its operation?

    Each time a situation of complete lack of support for new processors is repeated.

    A human buys a eval kit and has two pages full of errors - e.g. incorrect I2C addresses…

  • Suitable circuit for mixing 3 PCM/I2S + 4 PDM micropones with asyncronus sample conversion


    We are designing a system that must be able to mix 3 serial audio sources (PCM/I2S) and 2 pairs of digital stereo mics (for a total of 4 PDM mics). A rough sketch of the system can be seen in the image below.

    Audio 2 in this sketch will have a variable…

  • RE: Regarding EVAL-ADAU1466Z

    Hi Libin,

    The evaluation board ordering information is located towards the bottom of this page: https://www.analog.com/en/products/adau1787.html#product-samplebuy

    According to that page, the board cost is $399.00, and will be available on 11 September…

  • SigmaDSP to serial port output setting on ADAU1787


    I am trying to configure SigmaDSP output to serial audio port output in SigmaStudio. I got BCLK0 (12.288MHz)  and FSYNC0(48kHz) output as expected, but do not see signal from SDATAO0.

    In SigmaStudio schematic, full-scale tone of 16kHz is connected…

  • RE: ADAU-1777 and ADAU-1787

    Hello Anand,

    It sounds like you're on the right track. The most effective way to probe the data at a particular point in the ADAU1777 would be to take a digital output at the point you want to probe. To easily route the data to a digital output, do the…

  • Multi-purpose pin configuration for DMIC input with Eval-ADAU1787 board


    I am wondering if I can use multi-purpose pin MP12 for PDM mic input (DMIC45 or DMIC67).  SigmaStudio hardware configuration allows to configure MP0 through MP8 for DMIC input, but not for MP9 through MP12.

    1) Can I manually set up MP12 register for…

  • RE: adau1452 可以做AEC ANC等功能吗?

    SigmaStudio4.2或更新版本有AEC-NR的算法可以直接用哟。另外ANC的话还是要看你的LMS滤波器怎么设计吧,理论上是可以实现的。如果你要做ANC headphone建议你选ADAU1777或者ADAU1787

  • RE: 请问ADI所有的产品线中,支持ANC的型号选型



  • ADAU1787 FDSP Mixer 写入参数无法生效问题

    调试过程中遇到一个问题,我们需要调节Fast Dsp的Mixer中最下面的旋钮的Gain,

    看SigmaStudio的Log是只修改Bank A parameter 3的 0xD440这个地址的4个字节。