• ADAU1787 - I2C allow single address, multiple data word in the protocol

    I am writing code to read the data files generated by SigmaStudio and writing to the ADAU1787 over I2C.

    NumBytes_IC_1_SIGMA.dat and TxBuffer_IC_1_SIGMA.dat.

    In TxBuffer_IC_1_SIGMA.dat, where I see:

    0x50, 0x00, /* (203) Program Data */
    0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00…

  • ADAU1787 registers generated by SigmaDSP tool, not in datasheet

    The following registers are generated by the SigmaDSP tool, but not found in the ADAU1787 datasheet.

    All have an address > 0xCC00.

    Are they useful for development and documented somewhere else?

    /* these registers are not documented, are but generated…

  • RE: ADAU1787 SigmaStudio stream and record data

    Hello Sagi,

    Since you are using the sample rate converters you will not need to bring in a different master clock. The ADAU1787 board can use its own on-board master clock source. The only question is if the USB Streamer requires an external master clock…

  • RE: ADAU1787 in the ANC application

    Hello larmac,

    Unfortunately we do not have an example implementation available at this time. There are some 3rd party developers that may be able to help you if you need to hire the expertise. 

    Dave T

  • ADAU1787 Fast DSP EQ coefficient control via MATLAB


    I am controlling an ADAU1787 FDSP core via SigmaStudio, from MATLAB commands and generally this works well.

    Parameters such as Boost can be controlled as follows, if I set the type to be parametric.

    script = ['ss.ObjectSetProperties("setControlValue…

  • ADAU1787 & NLMS component


    is it possible to add the leakage factor to the NLMS component available for the ADAU1787 SigmaDSP ?

    Are there any method to reset the NLMS coefficients in runtime ?

    Thanks !

  • ADAU1787 plots ..

    Dear expert,,  ,,  can i get some related graph of adau1787 's   ADC  and DAC  phase plot and gain plot graph as reference???

  • ADAU1787 ANC / FxLMS

    I am trying to implement an ANC prototype (Feedforward, Feedback, Hybrid) on an ADAU1787.
    Are there any ANC examples available?
    During preparation I also found out that the FxLMS is not available in SigmaStudio 4.5 Toolbox for ADAU1787.
    Is there a reason…
  • ADAU1787/88 FastDSP

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your great support, can you help with some additional question regarding FastDSP on ADAU1787/88?

    1. Does Fast Core handle two DSP channels in parallel for a normal headset Left and Right side?
    2. Can these channels have different configurations…
  • ADAU1787 Readback over SPI

    I am not successfull reading a  ADAU1787 DSP Readback cell via SPI interface from a microcontroller.     Shown below is pard of the DSP schematic showing a DC1 feeding the Readback_DC1 cell.   In SigmaStudio I am able to execute the Readback on a ADAU1787 eval…