• pdm mic ADAU1787


    I am working on ADAU1787. I am trying to connect PDM mic with ADAU1787.i connected PDM mic as according to following connections.

    3V3    --------    1.8v    // J7

    GND  --------   GND    //J7

    SEL   ---------   1.8v

    CLK   ---------  CLK0         //J5 

    DATA  -------- DATA 0/…

  • ADAU1787 Differential ADC

    What does ADC_CTRL5 bit 4 do exactly? It is labeled as DIFF_INPUT and states "Configures the ADCs for differential operation.". I don't see any other mention in the datasheet of how this works only single ended mode is specified. Does this allow you to…

  • Programming ADAU1787 from MAX78000.

    Dear all,

    I am trying to program my ADAU1787 with program, data, register and setting which I exported from my SigmaStudio. I have two development boards, the ADAU1787 development board and the MAX78000 Feather board (which has been modified to run as…

  • ADAU1787 PLL Input Prescaler

    When I change the input divider to the PLL (CLK_CTRL2 bits 2:0) between the values of 0 and 1 it doesn't seem to change the clock rate?For verifying clock rates I am monitoring the MCLKO pin.

    If I am running in integer mode on the PLL with a input…

  • ADAU1787 and PDM mic


    I am working on ADAU1787. I am trying to connect PDM mic with ADAU1787.i connected PDM mic as according to following connections. i am using pdm mic module by adafruit. I think it works with 1.8v.

    3V3    --------    1.8v    // J7

    GND  --------   GND    //J7


  • RE: ADAU1787 - Import/generate custom FIR filter coefficients

    Dave, my project is alive again and I simply want to order the correct eval for my project.

    I'm trying to select a ADAUx part (vs a Sharc).  I had a previous question (about Hilbert), answered below, that suggested the '200' core. The Hilbert…

  • RE: ADAU1787 Serial port capability


    The limiting factor is the bitclock. It cannot be too much higher than 24.576MHz. The ADAU1772 is more limited. 

    For I2S, 192kHz fs * 2 channels * 32 bits per channel slot = 12.288MHz which is fine.

    For 4 channel TDM,  192kHz * 4 channels * 32 bits…

  • ADAU1787 test: adc2/3 to fdsp to dac

    I just got an adau1787 eval kit and am trying a simple test to run audio from adc input through the fdsp to the dac output. See the attached dspproj. I get audio out if I route the adc2 input directly to the dac0 output in the DAC_CNTRL tab of the register…

  • On/off keying in Sigma studio (ADAU1787)

    Hi all!

    I am currently trying to get On/off keying working in sigma studio but It really is not going my way. I tried the below scheme. Later I will replace the pulse generator with an input from a MCU. Does anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong…

  • RE: ADAU1787 DAC single ended output from differential output


    I recently inquired about the single ended verses differential output of the ADAU1787 with the designers of the part. 

    The ADAU1787 is designed for differential headphone output only.  It cannot be guaranteed to meet d/s specifications or other system…