• Processro recommendations for a small portable ANC system?

    My colleague and I are looking to find a board that would suit our purposes for
    developing a robust mobile ANC product in an open environment. We're stuck on deciding
    between the ADAU144x, ADAU176x, and ADAU1781 products to start off our

  • RE: linux driver for adau1381 codec


    Depending on which upstream kernel version your RPI kernel tree is based you may have to import other changes.

    But in general either copying the adau17x1.* and adau1781.* files and making the KConfig and Makefile changes or importing the following…

  • RE: ADAU7002 interface to GSM module

    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    I have been looking at ADAU1781, but it seems that it is not possible to use different bit clocks for the digital mic. and the I2S connection?

    Is this possible on ADAU1772?



  • Booting a SigmaDSP from a microcontroller with no C compiler

    My microcontroller does not have a C compiler. How do I use a microcontroller to boot my SigmaDSP in assembly?


    In SigmaStudio, a number of things are downloaded to the target hardware…

  • RE: Audio processor IC suggestion for implement audio dynamic range compression

    Hello Tra,

    Look into the ADAU1761. This has several fixed function DSP blocks and one of them is a dynamics processor. If you do not need to do any further DSP programming then look at the ADAU1781. This has only the fixed function DSP blocks like the…

  • RE: ADU1446 sleep mode

    Thanks Miguel!

    At first glance, the ADAU17861 or the ADAU1781, looks nice! They are cheap and has a SigmaDSP core to program my own signal detection algorithm in SigmaStudio. I will take a closer look at them!

    I found now a power supply module (not…

  • RE: sigmadsp_genfirmware


    While theoretically the SigmaDSP firmware utility supports every SigmaDSP there are currently only Linux drivers which support loading the firmware files for three device families, the ADAU1761, ADAU1781 and ADAU1701.

    None of the standalone SigmaDSP…

  • RE: Hearing Aid Solution / Echo Cancellation Algorithm


    A normalized least mean square filter is available for some SigmaDSPs that can be used in echo cancellation applications, but it is up to the user to actually implement the echo cancellation in their system. The NLMS filter is not in the ADAU1381…

  • RE: Linux drivers


    As for the naming, we typically avoid driver names with Xs in them. But rather name them by the first component that is supported or by the component that is for example a super set of the other components. In the adau1761 case the adau1761 is the…

  • SigmaStudio 3.9.2 Beta Available for Download

    The latest SigmaStudio Beta release is available for download here: http://www.analog.com/en/dsp-software/ss_sigst_02/sw.html

    You will need to log in with your MyAnalog account to access the download.

    Here are a list of the updates in recent versions…