• How to connect unused ADAU1781 pins?


    my ADAU1781 project use neither the mic inputs nor stereo line out nor the beep input.

    Question: may I left LMIC, LMICP, RMIC, RMICP, BEEP, AOUTL, AOUTR unconnected?

    I just saw, that LMICP and RMICP can be directly feed from CM, so the question…

  • ADAU1781 attenuates signal

    I have an ADAU1781 on a board that I have designed.  I am communicating with it over I2C from a PIC32.  I seem to be able to set up the chip; however, after it is set up it greatly attenuates all signals coming in. 

    Without the SigmaDSP programmed, or…

  • How to Compile and Where to Install Linux Codec Drivers ADAU1781

    Hi, I was looking for documentation on how to install the linux codec drivers for the ADAU1781 and I couldn't find any. There is a link to the drivers on the wiki that I found but they are in the form of .c and .h files, and I am unfamiliar with installing…

  • ADAU1781 as I2S codec with Raspberry Pi GPIO pins

    I see in the ADAU1781 driver wiki page that I2S communication is supported. I wanted to ask what steps I would need to take to make this work with a Raspberry Pi. The end goal is to use the ADAU1781 as an audio I/O hat, working through the GPIO pins that…

  • Setting up ADAU1781 to work as an audio codec through Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins

    I would like to create an i2s audio i/o hat for the Raspberry Pi using the ADAU1781. The end product has the following requirements:

    -Works through the Pi's GPIO pins, rather than a usb interface

    -Is recognizable as an audio device by alsa, showing…

  • How to match dtoverlay machine driver with ADAU1781 linux driver RPi

    Hi, I'm trying to set up the ADAU1781 as an I2S audio codec with the Raspberry Pi, providing audio input and output via the GPIO. To do this I am aware I need a machine driver as well as the linux driver included with the 1781. I have done some research…

  • does  ADAU1781 support two equalizers?

    The ADAU1781 supports two audio inputs and has two audio outputs, with an equalizer in the middle.  Can the equalizer be different for the two channels?

  • Is it possible to attach 4 digital mics on a ADAU1781?

    Hi there,

    the ADAU1781 has two analog microphone inputs LMIC and RMIC which can also be used with two digital microphones, each. My question: Is it possible to use all 4 channels within the processor or am I limited to stereo on input MICD1 or MICD2…

  • programing eval-adau1781

    Hi there,

    Is there any documentation on programing eval boards with a second mico controller ?

    I have my SDA and SCL lines hacked into the eval boards control port, but cant seem to get the two talking.



  • EVAL-ADAU1781Z GPIO Mapping in SigmaStudio

    The GPIO pin mapping scheme in SigmaStudio is not intuitive because of the way SigmaStudio auto-numbers the GPIO inputs and outputs in the schematic view. In order to clear up confusion, here is a mapping table and example project that shows how the GPIO…