• ADAU1781

    I am looking at the spec sheet for the ADAU1781, and I can't tell if it supports different equalizers for the two separate channels.  ??

  • Beamforming ADAU1781

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to use the fixed beamforming cell with my ADAU1781 evalbord.

    With the two MEMS microphone provide on the evalboard.

    I didn't found informations about this cell. Is there a description that provides help about how use it…

  • ADAU1781 attenuates signal

    I have an ADAU1781 on a board that I have designed.  I am communicating with it over I2C from a PIC32.  I seem to be able to set up the chip; however, after it is set up it greatly attenuates all signals coming in. 

    Without the SigmaDSP programmed, or…

  • ADAU1781 Clock Output

    Hi I'm trying to use the Master Clock output on the ADAU1781 eval board. I have all things set up as they are described in the startup guide, and my MCLK source switch is set to OSC. I was checking the MCKO pin with an oscilloscope and nothing was appearing…

  • Exceeding capabilities of ADAU1781

    Hi there,


    I am trying to implement DSP schematic with a 9 band double precision optimized EQ.  However, whenever I go beyond 7 bands, I observe a distorted output. 


    I was wondering if there is a way to identify whether I have exceed the processing…

  • does  ADAU1781 support two equalizers?

    The ADAU1781 supports two audio inputs and has two audio outputs, with an equalizer in the middle.  Can the equalizer be different for the two channels?

  • Can ADAU1781 Support Echo Cancellation

    Hi Guys,

        One of local customers is wondering if ADAU1781 support echo cancellation. I checked the datasheet and did not find this feature. Would you please confirm if it has this feature and what's the performance?

    Best Regards,


  • programing eval-adau1781

    Hi there,

    Is there any documentation on programing eval boards with a second mico controller ?

    I have my SDA and SCL lines hacked into the eval boards control port, but cant seem to get the two talking.



  • Substituting ADAU1761 for ADAU1781


    We just received notice that the ADAU1781 is in its last-time-buy phase.

    We would like to substitute the ADAU1761 in its place.

    I know the footprint is identical, and I know the dsp resources only differ in delay ram. 

    If we substitute the ADAU1761…

  • EVAL-ADAU1781 no sound


    I am working with the EVAL-ADAU1781Z-ND board trying to applicate beamforming.

    However, I don't even get an output signal on my headphone output with one microphone. All jumpers and switches are on their default settings and I hear something…