• ADAU1777 or ADAU1772 - general approach to adaptive ANC

    This is a general question for anyone with experience in using the ADAU1777 of ADAU1772 in adaptive ANC headset applications.

    The outstanding performance feature of the part for ANC is the low latency analog-to-analog path, which allows feedforward ANC…

  • ADAU1777 question

    Dear Sir,

    ADAU1777 can support up to 768KHz that was mentioned in datasheet as below:

    "Fast (up to 768 kHz) and slow processing paths"

    So, ADAU1777 output sample rate can support 384KHz? 

    But according to datasheet described that :


  • ADAU1777 and beamforming


    Is it  possiblle  to  realise beamforming  in  ADAU1777 ?

    Thanks in advance 

  • group delay of ADAU1401 and of ADAU1777


    ADAU1777 :

    From ADAU1777 information I understood that the group delay from ADC to DAC < 30usec , in 192Khz

    Is there group delay information from DAC  to ADC , in 192Khz ?


    Is there group delay information from ADC to DAC , in 192Khz ?

    Is there…

  • Comment on Low latency audio codec

    As of this writing, the ADAU1777 is now the lowest-latency codec available, with a 5μs analog-to-analog latency.

  • I need the ADAU1777 IBIS files

    ADAU1777 IBIS files not on the product page, please post - or advise how to get them.

    thank you

  • SC584: Switching from SPORT master to slave mode reduces one channel's amplitude by half

    Hi all,

    I'm transmitting audio via I2S from an SC584 EZ-Board to an ADAU1777 (0044.Test Project 1.zip). The ADAU1777 is set to route the received stereo signal to its analog stereo output. This stereo output signal looks alright as long as the SC584…

  • set low latency on ADAU1777 with sigmastudio

    Hi All,

    I have been looking through the datasheets on the ADAU1777 chip and eval board and searching online, looking for clear specifications on how to use sigmastudio to set the 1777 to its lowest latency, without any luck.   The lowest latency I see is…

  • ADAU1777硬件设计的接法?