• ADAU1777 question

    Dear Sir,

    ADAU1777 can support up to 768KHz that was mentioned in datasheet as below:

    "Fast (up to 768 kHz) and slow processing paths"

    So, ADAU1777 output sample rate can support 384KHz? 

    But according to datasheet described that :


  • ADAU1777 Issue

    Hi sir 

    my customer feedback as below  , Please help with these questions

    We are developing a prototyping platform for true wireless hearable products. The platform uses an ADAU1777 codec with 4 digital pdm microphones. The CLK_OUT pin is used of course…

  • need adau1777 driver

    i have eval-adau1777z board. i want to record 4 channel data in my raspberry pi. can anyone please provide linux driver for adau1777. 

    faraz khan.

  • ADAU1777 register readback (for verify purposses)

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to program an ADAU1777 DSP. The programming takes place via a I2C bus. I use the XML file, exported by SigmaStudio as a template for all registers, program data and parameter data.
    After programming has completed, I start verifying…

  • ADAU1777 I/O

    Im trying to work with ADAU1777Z (EVB) with 192kHZ using 4 inputs 2 outputs.
    For some reason I can only get 2 inputs and 1 output and using and external DSP (with I2S).
    Can you help me understand what not all inputs and outputs work with 192kHZ?

  • ADAU1777 SINC Filter Characteristics?



    We are using the ADAU1777 CODEC for our audio implementation program. We have enabled the 4th Order Filter registers as seen below:

    These are registers 0x1B and 0x1C set to 0x00. We have plotted the filter characteristics and they seem to be…

  • ADAU1777 and beamforming


    Is it  possiblle  to  realise beamforming  in  ADAU1777 ?

    Thanks in advance 

  • Oscillator using ADAU1777



    I am working with ADAU1777 for my application.I would want to know if there is any way that could help me generate an oscillator by connecting the DAC outputs to the ADC inputs to create a positive feedback,which could make it oscillate. 


  • ADAU1777 ticking noise

    Hi, I'm using ADAU1777 trying to cancel noise, for some reason, I'm have some "ticking noise", i'm not sure if somthing might not be set right. anyone ever incounter anything like that?

    I'm attaching a wav file recording the noise…

  • ADAU1777 I2C Parameters


    I am interfacing an ADAU1777 onto my own SC571 board using CrossCore 2.8.3,  not using the EVAL-ADAU1777Z. I am able successfully write to all registers and get analog audio in and out. However, in order to get analog audio in/out working, I had to…