• ADAU1772 Use 13MHz MCLK Issue


           I am use the ADAU1772 to design Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth chip output 13MHz mclk and use I2S interface to ADAU1772, to check that ADAU1772's PLL isn't lock frequency, I have use SG to production 13MHz clock to ADAU1772 that the result…

  • programing ADAU1772


           I want program a Algorithm myself and put it on ADAU1772 to run, how I can write C language programs or assembly programs for AUAU1772. Can the sigma-studio do that ?  

           very appreciate for your answer!

           Thank you!

  • adau1772 MCU interface


    I'm going to use adau1772 and MCU to do voice processing.

    Connect the analog microphone to adau1772 and send the ADC output to MCU to try to remove noise.

    Then I want to input it back into the adau1772 DAC and output it to the speaker.


  • RE: I'd like to use ADAU1772 and AD7193 on our new product,but I can't find the spice model of them in official website.

    Hi lilyl,

    What about the ADAU1772 and AD7193 are you trying to simulate?

    I'm not aware of any SPICE models for the ADAU1772 or AD7193.

    If you are interested, you can visit Virtual Eval for a behavioral model of the AD7193.


  • ADAU1772 IBIS model - is there an updated version being released?

    Hello ADI Tech Support,

    The IBIS model for the ADAU1772 is missing a lot of the parameters that the Cadence Sigrity tools expects. Is there a new IBIS model in the works for the ADAU1772?



  • RE: ADAU1772 - Active Noise Reduction?

    Hi Charles,

    The ADAU1772 is not a DSP in the same sense as the ADAU1701 or other SigmaDSPs. The ADAU1772 has a small filter engine that allows up to 31 IIR filters to be executed in the span of a single sample. There are also very basic functions like…

  • Two adau1772 codes in TDM8 mode

    I am going to build an eight microphone array with two ADAU1772s.

    I saw that the ADC_SDATAx pin on the ADAU1772 can go to tri-state condition during time slots of unused TDM channels and the start of ADC_SDATAx output channel is programmable through…

  • RE: Problems with ADAU1772

    Hello Andrew,

    When you have the USBi trying to talk to the ADAU1772 you will need to have the address pins set to agree with the address that is set on the USBi GUI in SigmaStudio. That is why it worked when you changed it to be address "00". So the…

  • Fan Noise cancelling Issue

    Hi ADI's

    One of my customers is considering developing a fan noise reduction solution.

    she wants to reduce fan noise on equipment (air purifier) to reduce noise in work area.

    The devices under consideration are planned to be placed next to the already…

  • RE: adau 1772


    To calculate the RMS value of the signal the DBREG value can be used but this would have to be done outside ADAU1772. The DBREG value is instantaneous sampled value and this value would have to be read and then used to calculate the RMS value…