• ADAU1772 limiter

    I use the ADAU in an active feedback system for low frequency sound.

    The limiter is used to prevent the system from reaching the non-linear clipping level.

    Unfortunately the user manual by BillJ on the WIKI page (Limiter (ADAU1772) [Analog Devices Wiki…

  • ADAU1772 Power Consumption

    I have a question about the power consumption of ADAU1772.


    In page9 of the ADAU1772 data sheet, the power consumption when AVDD=IOVDD is 3.3V is described as 11.5mA.

    The measurement result of our board was 23mA.


    ADVV=IOVDD = 3.3V
    Master clock =…

  • Problems with ADAU1772



    I have finally received prototype PCBs for a new design using ADA1772 and ADAU1446. The DSP chip is acting as the master and providing the MCLK for the CODEC. In attempting to setup the signal routing using the USBi programmer and SigmaStudio…

  • ADAU1772 : fs=44.1KHz


    Can the ADAU1772 use the sampling frequency of 44.1KHz?

    Is it possible in the following settings?

    Integer mode:

    MCLK Input (MHz) = 11.2896MHz

    Input Divider (X) = 1

    Integer (R) = 4

    Fractional mode:

    MCLK Input (MHz) = 12MHz

    Input Divider…

  • ADAU1772 core_fs bits


    I'm refering to ADAU1772 data sheet rev.C and SigmaStudio 3.11 to confirm the operation and noticed that if I creat project file, the core_fs bit is set as 96kHz. And I can't find a control to change core_fs on Sigmastudio GUI.

    With this…

  • ADAU1772 driver?

    Is there an ADAU1772 driver written for the ADSP-BF592?

  • ADAU1772 linux driver


    We are going to use ADAU1772 on a linux board and we need driver for it to handle 3 channel digital audio capture (via i2s tdm) and stereo audio output. On linux we plan to interface with the driver using standard "aplay" and "arecord" console applications…

  • ADAU1772 configuration

    Hi engineers. 

    I have a problem when configurating DAC and ADC in SigmaStudio for ADAU1772. Could anyone please send me a list of registers for ADC and DAC configuration?


  • programing ADAU1772


           I want program a Algorithm myself and put it on ADAU1772 to run, how I can write C language programs or assembly programs for AUAU1772. Can the sigma-studio do that ?  

           very appreciate for your answer!

           Thank you!

  • ADAU1772 Questions

    Hi Im doing some preliminary research for an audio product and in many respects the ADAU1772 looks like it might fit the bill. However there are a couple of uncertainties I still have after looking at the spec sheet that hopefully someone here can clear…