• ADAU1761 no HP output

    Dear sir or madam

    I am also using the AD2428WB1BZ slave board and cannot get any output on the HP connector. You can find the XML config in the attachment. The DTX0 output of the AD2428 on the WBZ slave board provides proper stereo I2S signals. Nevertheless…

  • adau1761 selfboot

    Please help!! I use stm32f7 and adau1761. When loading over the i2c bus, the code loads without problems and register reading is good, but there is a need to load the code via the SPI interface, but I can't figure out how to do it!!! I tried different…

  • ADAU1761 & ADAU1463 aggregate


    Is the following solution feasible? Can ADAU1761 or ADAU1463 aggregate the microphone input with the TDM input and then output the TDM signal?

    If feasible, are there documents for reference. Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Eric Lo

  • ADAU1761 问题



    1. ADAU1761有没有方法检测到有音频输入?       

    2. 关于ADAU1761 pin4(JACKDET/MICIN pin)的作用?



  • ADAU1761录音


  • ADAU1761 surround algorithm


         Are there licensed algorithms like ADI Surround,Dolby, etc. that is compatible for ADAU1761? I would like to input analog stereo and decode it to surround sound to output in TDM format.


  • zedboard adau1761 issue

    Hi team !

    one more issue with adu1761. I use latest xcomm_zynq kernel and hdl-master designI built with vivado 14.1 with some revisions changes.

    bit file and kernel generation are ok. On boot adau1761 is detected

    my issue is with alsa :

    aplay -l…


    Good day, dose the input block in sigmas studio represents the inputs on the (ADAU1761),for example, input 1 and 2 is linked to in put left of the (ADAU1761) and input 3 and 4 of the input block in sigmas studio is linked to the right input of the (ADAU1761…

  • Regarding ADAU1761

    From past few days, I am trying to build Linux kernel for Avnet Zedboard using http://www.zedboard.org/sites/default/files/design/Ubuntu_on_Zedboard_Tutorial_v14.4_02.pdf.

    Although I successfully build the standard configuration having HDMI but I don…

  • ADAU1761 I2C address

    Hello all,

    I have a very basic question. I need to integrate ADAU1761 Eval board with BeagleBone Black for playing audio by I2C and I2S. For this I need the I2C address of the adau1761 eval board.

    From the Datasheet:

    The address resides in the first…