• [ADAU1761][imx8][yocto]How to use ADAU1761 on imx8?

    Hi ADI,

    I am work on kernel linux-imx 5.15, yocto 3.4 (Honister).

    I try to follow  "ADAU1361 Sound CODEC Linux Driver", to use adau 1761 as codec, but fail.

  • ADAU1761 ALC Enable


    We are using ADAU1761 in one of the project:  RE: Schematic review request for ADAU1761BCPZ Audio-Codec 

    We have below questions,

    Q1: How do we enable the ALC for Audio-Codec ADAU1761 and verify/confirm the status & functionality of ALC? Any access…

  • ADAU1761: Can I connect one analog and one digital input channel to the ADAU1761 and process both of them together?

    I need only left channel of SPDIF audio and  microphone in same time. It is
    possible to configure codec to work in this way (analogue audio – MIC and  left
    or right channel from digital input )? 


    Yes, you can connect both one analog and one…

  • ADAU1761


    I am new here for one question:

    ADAU176: parametric  equalizer settings cannot be saved, shows always the default settings.

    Thanks a lot for an answer!

  • Zedboard adau1761 audio codec

    I was experimenting with audio_testbench.vhd .(GitHub _scholl)

    Loop back audio was testing 

    It was working fine with default settings. Then i wanted to increase the sampling rate of adau1761 .For that I have changed the converter sampling register setting…

  • Completely powering off or power reduction modes of ADAU1761 to save battery consumption

    Dear community,

    We're having a bit of a hard time figuring out what is the best way to get into a sort of deep-sleep-like mode with the ADAU1761.

    The goal is to consume as little as possible when the user is not actively using the device/ listening…

  • Using ADAU1761 for microphone beamforming

    We used an ADAU1761 to create a simple microphone beamforming application, with two omnidirectional ADMP504 MEMS microphones mounted in an endfire configuration.

    Using the attached Excel sheet to perform the calculations, we calculated that a total of…