• RE: Routing MIC and I2S input in adau1761

    Hi Lars,

    Please find the output below:

    ./ADI ADAU1761/platform:48038000.mcasp/dapm/bias_level:Off
    ./ADI ADAU1761/codec:adau1761.2-0038/dapm/Left Input Mixer:Left Input Mixer: On  in 3 out 4 - R16394(0x400a) mask 0x1
    ./ADI ADAU1761/codec:adau1761.2-0038…

  • 4 x ADAU1761 in TDM8

    I attached 4 x ADAU1761 to a Blackfin in TDM8 mode, each ADAU1761 must transmit 2 audio channels to the Blackfin. I can configure all ADAU1761 so that they transmit audio on the correct TDM8 channel. The first ADAU1761 uses TDM channel 1&2, the second…

  • RE: Building adau1761 driver for iMX6Q-Sabrelite board

    Hi Lars,

    I am able to register the sound card by correcting codec name but it gives error while loading firmware.

    Below is the error message:

    pi@raspberrypi:~/adau1761$ sudo insmod adau1761_full.ko

    pi@raspberrypi:~/adau1761$ sudo dmesg -c


  • RE: iio_fm_radio


    I have typed the aplay -L aommand . then list includes ADAU1761

    sdrp@cdacT:~/iio-fm-radio-master$ aplay -L


        Playback/recording through the PulseAudio sound server


        Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture…

  • RE: ADAU1761 configuration missing in the Kernel interface


    Just selecting the ADAU1761 driver on its own wont help very much. You still need a host side I2S core and driver that is able to receive the audio from the ADAU1761 as well as a so called machine driver that describes how both components are connected…

  • RE: Using the ADAU1761 on the EVAL-BF706M-EZLITE


    Is there a reason to use this board instead of the EVAL-ADAU1761? (EVAL-ADAU1761 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices ) 

    That board can evaluate the ADAU1761 and is intended for use with SigmaStudio software. 

  • Loading firmware with ADAU1761 in raspberry pi 3

    I put adau1761.bin to the /lib/firmware and set 3 drivers snd_soc_adau17x1,snd_soc_adau1761, snd_soc_adau1761_i2c as kernel module. In the device tree I add device at i2c bus 1




                reg = <0x38>…

  • ADAU1761 - Failed to load firmware

    I am trying to use the EVAL-ADAU1761 with the Raspberry Pi compute module. Made my own card driver for the Pi to use the codec. I've got everything up and running(Alsamixer controls and aux bypass works) but the driver refuses to load the firmware.…

  • RE: Regarding ADAU1761

    Hi Lars,

    I have loaded  the config using alsactl restore -f zed_audio.state, this solves the problem of ADAU1761 lineout but still I wasn't able to record using ADAU1761 line in. I read the thread http://ez.analog.com/message/88585#88585

    Re: adau1761…

  • RE: RMS results

    The evaluation board schematics are included in the board's datasheet, available at the ADAU1761 page: http://www.analog.com/adau1761