• Zedboard ADAU1761 audio playing not working   (changed with three adau1761 chips )

    I have been trying to verify audio capture and playback functionality (using ADAU1761 codec and NOT HDMI) for the past few days.

    So far I could get the board to play audio files and  audio capture on zedboard,it works well.

    But I need to add 2 ADAU176…

  • Zedboard ADAU1761 播放声音没有声音(使用三个adau1761芯片)


    但是我需要增加2个adau1761芯片,共三个adau1761 芯片,修改了设备树,加载驱动,用aplay播放不出声音。各位帮忙看看,十分感谢!

    看资料好像给pl用的dma就4个通道,所以第一个adau1761配的dma 0和dma1,第二个adau1761配的dma2,第三个adau1761配的dma3。


    / {

       amba_pl: amba_pl {

          #address-cells = <1>;…

  • RE: adau1761 reflow temperature chart

    Anyone familiar with the ADAU1761's reflow temperature chart?
    About 30-40% of defects occur during SMT.
    Please advise.
  • ADAU1761: Can I connect one analog and one digital input channel to the ADAU1761 and process both of them together?

    I need only left channel of SPDIF audio and  microphone in same time. It is
    possible to configure codec to work in this way (analogue audio – MIC and  left
    or right channel from digital input )? 


    Yes, you can connect both one analog and…
  • RE: ADAU1761 & ADAU1463 aggregate

    Hello Eric Lo,

    Both can do this. 

    Also, take a look at the ADAU1772 or the ADAU1372 if you do not need the DSP. Both of these can take in two analog and two digital mics at the same time and then you can take in TDM data and assemble them into one TDM8…

  • ADAU1761 on ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini

    I already have this evaluation system and understand that the ADAU1761 has (limited) DSP functionality itself.

    Is it possible to program the ADAU1761 directly by using SigmaStudio?

  • CRC not working on ADAU1761


    I am using EVAL-ADAU1x61EBZ with the ADAU1761 chip.

    I want to implement the CRC functionality, but I don't get it to work. (GPIO0 doesn't go HIGH when I corrupt program RAM by sending 5 corrupt bytes)

    From Sigma Studio:

    Now, when I send…

  • ADAU1761 Programming


    I noticed that sometime when I download the program into the ADAU1671 the code is not programmed correctly:

    This behavior happen when I try to configure a configured board.

    The only way I  found to program the ADAU1761 in this situation is to…

  • RE: ADAU1761 sigma Studio PLL compiling problem

    Hello naimark,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Usually this happens when there is no communication between SigmaStudio and the DSP. SigmaStudio reads back the PLL and clock settings after setting up the DSP and if it does not get an answer it replaces…

  • adau1761



       系统镜像:https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-software/zynq_images,下载2017_R1-2018_01_29.img,烧到到sd卡,zedboard启动后可以通过“arecord -l”命令检测到adau1761设备;