• ADAU1761 DSPSR function

    Hi Sir,

    We have question for ADAU1761 , 

    can you help to explain what is mean for R57 (0x40EB) below setting?

    Does it mean bypass DSPSR block and connect to LRCK serial input or LRCK serial output pin directly?

    other question,

    In our applications , we…

  • No output from ADAU1761

    My goal is to get ADAU1761 working with Teensy 4.1 Audio library. I have an ADAU1761 on a custom board designed based on eval board but without the clock generator. I'm programming it from the microcontroller, with the code generated from SigmaStudio…

  • Can ADAU1761 be easily replaced by ADAU1701?

    I've designed and tested a device using ADAU1761 but it seems to be out of stock. The ADAU1701 is available.

    I'm using it as simple stereo DAC/ADC combo, no DSP features required, not using PLL and generating the basic configuration from SigmaDSP…

  • ADAU1761 no HP output

    Dear sir or madam

    I am also using the AD2428WB1BZ slave board and cannot get any output on the HP connector. You can find the XML config in the attachment. The DTX0 output of the AD2428 on the WBZ slave board provides proper stereo I2S signals. Nevertheless…

  • CRC not working on ADAU1761


    I am using EVAL-ADAU1x61EBZ with the ADAU1761 chip.

    I want to implement the CRC functionality, but I don't get it to work. (GPIO0 doesn't go HIGH when I corrupt program RAM by sending 5 corrupt bytes)

    From Sigma Studio:

    Now, when I send…

  • remaining program space in ADAU1761 using SigmaStudio

    I have a project using 3 ADAU1761. I wanted to add some functions to my existing schematics

    I have a couple questions

    1) How do I know how much programming space I have left in each device?

       Can I see the amount of space used and available when I export…

  • adau1761 reflow temperature chart

    혹시 ADAU 1761의 reflow temperature chart에 관해 잘 아시는분 있으신가요?

    SMT 진행 후 ADAU1761이 동작하지 않는 문제가 약30~40% 정도 발생하고 있습니다.

    도움 주세요...

  • ADAU1761 & ADAU1463 aggregate


    Is the following solution feasible? Can ADAU1761 or ADAU1463 aggregate the microphone input with the TDM input and then output the TDM signal?

    If feasible, are there documents for reference. Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Eric Lo