• RE: adau1761.bin loading another firmware at runtime


    In current implementation the name of firmware filename is hard-coded in driver. So for ADAU1761 it should be "adau1761.bin".

    One solution would be to remove the adau1761 module. Copy the DSP firmware file to "/lib/firmware/" folder and load…

  • ADAU1761

    Dear All,

    I have a questions regarding the analog input channels of the codec ADAU1761. 
    I am using the single-ended input configuration with a bypass capacitor because the codec has the input biased at AVDD/2.
    Now, before to enter in the codec I would…
  • RE: Routing MIC and I2S input in adau1761

    Hi Lars,

    Please find the output below:

    ./ADI ADAU1761/platform:48038000.mcasp/dapm/bias_level:Off
    ./ADI ADAU1761/codec:adau1761.2-0038/dapm/Left Input Mixer:Left Input Mixer: On  in 3 out 4 - R16394(0x400a) mask 0x1
    ./ADI ADAU1761/codec:adau1761.2-0038…

  • 4 x ADAU1761 in TDM8

    I attached 4 x ADAU1761 to a Blackfin in TDM8 mode, each ADAU1761 must transmit 2 audio channels to the Blackfin. I can configure all ADAU1761 so that they transmit audio on the correct TDM8 channel. The first ADAU1761 uses TDM channel 1&2, the second…

  • RE: Building adau1761 driver for iMX6Q-Sabrelite board

    Hi Lars,

    I am able to register the sound card by correcting codec name but it gives error while loading firmware.

    Below is the error message:

    pi@raspberrypi:~/adau1761$ sudo insmod adau1761_full.ko

    pi@raspberrypi:~/adau1761$ sudo dmesg -c


  • RE: iio_fm_radio


    I have typed the aplay -L aommand . then list includes ADAU1761

    sdrp@cdacT:~/iio-fm-radio-master$ aplay -L


        Playback/recording through the PulseAudio sound server


        Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture…

  • RE: Using the ADAU1761 on the EVAL-BF706M-EZLITE


    Is there a reason to use this board instead of the EVAL-ADAU1761? (EVAL-ADAU1761 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices ) 

    That board can evaluate the ADAU1761 and is intended for use with SigmaStudio software. 

  • RE: ADAU1761 configuration missing in the Kernel interface


    Just selecting the ADAU1761 driver on its own wont help very much. You still need a host side I2S core and driver that is able to receive the audio from the ADAU1761 as well as a so called machine driver that describes how both components are connected…

  • RE: Problems wit ADAU1761

    Hi Bogdan,

    Using the simple-card I get the same result.

    I have added an entry to debugfs for the adau1761 driver. In this directory (/sys/kernel/debug/adau1761) I aded a file (register_r) in order to read the whole memory map of adau1761 the following…