• ADAU1702 oscillator start problems



    I am having problems with the oscillator of my ADAU1702 not startup up. The problem is very comparable to the problem described in this discussion: (only ADAU1702 vs ADAU1701, my risetimes are even shorter).

    1701 Oscillator start problem



  • ADAU1702 crystal startup problem


    I am having a problem with my crystal in my ADAU1702 design. At power up the crystal does not start oscillating until I touch it with my finger.


    The crystal I use is 7A-12.288MAAJ-T from TXC. According to the datasheet the load capacitance is…

  • adau1702 straight through using Linux

    Hi there,

    When I try to probe the adau1702 codec from Linux, it complains that it can't find the firmware "adau1701.bin".

    If you inspect the kernel driver for the adau1701 https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/sound/soc/codecs…

  • ADAU1702  EQ频率偏移

    ADAU1702 在SigmaStudio中增加EQ,但AP扫出来的曲线与SigmaStudio中设置的不一致,频率发生了偏移。



  • adau1702: Linux, no master clocks

    Hi there,

    I have a board setup with the ADAU1702, and it appears to be wired correctly. All of the supplies are @3.3 V and the VDD input pin is at  1.8V.

    I have the software setup with the DTS shown below [1]. The board boots and the linux driver starts…

  • low swing clipping on ADAU1702 output


    Hello, hope someone can help on this.

    We have the sigma ADAU1702 running on our PCB's and we have two designs using this processor, The differences on the designs are larger amplifiers and more of them. The issue is the same on both. Our output…

  • How to configure register on adau1702 ?

            We use the adau1702 to get audio effect. adau1702 is at analog input and analog output,

       Total system has three audio channels, Right channel is at DAC0, Left channel is at DAC1,

       subwoofer_channel is at DAC2. At powe up, the MCU load down the dsp…

  • Interface Read/Write for ADAU1702

    I can't seem to find any documentation that maps the interface read and write blocks onto specific digital audio interfaces.  Is this mapping correct?


    Interface Read/Write

    • Interface 0 = SDIN/OUT 0 Left
    • Interface 1 = SDIN/OUT 0 Right
    • Interface…
  • [Bug] Can't use block "Peak Accurate" ADAU1702

    Sigma Studio version 4.2, 64 bit, Windows 10

    Can't use "Peak Accurate" on ADAU1702. I'm guessing it affects other devices as well.

    Attached is an example project.

    Try to compile and download: you will get an error:

    Contents of Error.dat…

  • Use ADAU1702 SigmaDSP to do Virtual Surround

    Hi All

    I want Use ADAU1702 SigmaDSP to develop about Virtual Surround headphones Sound Box

    Use USB connect computer the other end connect headphone

    How can I do?

    ADI have any refrence code about Virtual Surround in SigmaStudio® tool library ??