• DSP ADAU1702

    i want to use the ADAU1702 for my application,
    My application is musical fountain,
    i need to give different sequences to drive the water valves  corresponding to the audio song, it is for basically frequency application, i want to get 1 sequence for audio…

  • Programming ADAU1702


    I´m currently at the very beginning of a guitar amp design using DSP (ADAU1702). I´m trying to figure out how I could program this device. I need a self-boot operation since I don´t need another MCU in my circuit. I´ll have an EEPROM…

  • ADAU1702 EEPROM Security

    My Customer is ddevleoping a new Audio product and one question which has arisen is related the security of the EEPROM used to boot the ADAU1702, what provision exists to ensure the 'Sigma Studio design' is not available to copied from the serial bit…

  • adau1702: Linux TDM driver

    Hi there,

    I am wondering whether there is a way to get the adau1702 working in TDM mode on linux ? I notice in the driver adau1701.c there is one reference to TDM, however nothing is implemented.

    If it currently doesn't work, wondering whether there…

  • ADAU1702 hysteresis settings

    I don't understand the auxiliary ADC hysteresis settings:



    • 00  4-bit hysteresis (12-bit level)
    • 01  5-bit hysteresis (12-bit level)
    • 10  Filter and hysteresis bypassed
    • 11  Low-pass filter bypassed


    So with FIL=11, which…

  • ADAU1702 - TDM mode configuration.


    I'm having difficulties configuring the TDM mode on my ADAU1702, and I'm running out of ideas. I am trying to configure the TDM in to send 2 samples to the 4 DACs and despite my best efforts it's still not working.

    - I tried routing the…

  • I2S input on ADAU1702

    ADAU1702 I2S Slave configuration


    When the ADAU1702 is used as an I2S slave, the stream is not read in as should. The audio data is however not clearly received.


    This is a simplified design of our system:


    Description of setup:

    We have DSP1 (ADAU1701…

  • ADAU1702 simultaneous signal path question

    In our application, we need to simultaneously do the following with the ADAU1702:


    1. Analog signal IN to ADC0 and ADC1, convert to digital
    2. Route that digital signal OUT to another micro for additional processing
    3. Route a processed version from the…
  • ADAU1702 EQ Frequency offset?

    When I add an EQ setting  in the SigmaStudio, but the EQ of the curve scan by the AP is  different  from which I set in the SigmaStudio.

    The EQ frequency offset.

    For example,when I set an 100HZ high pass filter in the SigmaStudio, but the frequency of…

  • SRS Trubass with ADAU1702?


    I wonder if SRS Trubass i avalibale as plug in for ADAU1702? Who at SRS should I contact to get a trial license?