• RE: How to use I2S as input/output  in Sigma Studio 3.13

    Hello Charles,

    I have attached the user guide that details how to use the serial ports for an I2S signal. You can find it on page 5 under the heading "External Digital Input". This shows you how to set the registers up and also where the signal show…

  • EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ Crystal Load Capacitance Spec


    In the BOM for EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ, (see atatched PDF, page 11 of 12) according to the description of crystal Y1 in this page, load capacitance is 18pF. However, the provided part number Abracon ABM3B-12.288MHZ-10-1-U-T has a load capacitance spec…

  • RE: MCLKI and OUTPUT_LRCLK/BCLK synchronous?

    just to add my $0.02 ...

    Im also investigating ADAU1701 I2S with a CODEC. I plain to run the ADAU1701 as a slave. (short on IO)

    12.288MHz OSC on the CODEC, it has a MCLK OUT which I will connect to the ADAU1701 MCLKI.

    ADAU1701                                    CODEC


  • MCLKIN & BCLK synchrony in ADAU1701


    I'm try to design an I2S communication system with a uC and ADAU1701.

    uC has to be master in I2S and obtain the digital audio from ADAU1701.

    ADAU1701 has an crystal of 12.288MHz as source clock, because fs=48KHz.

    In order to use Audio Digital…

  • ADC chip  to one of the GPIO

    Can I add a ADC chip  to one of the GPIO pins of the ADAU1701 to get more analog inputs on the ADAU1701 ?

    I want to add more analog inputs to the ADAU1701 to control pots and switches would this work ?

    Thanks in advance

  • How can I make the ADAU1701 save the data after power down ?

    I have a ADAU1701 eval board,  and when I unplug the USB , I have to "run link compile" to reactivate the ADAU1701

    How can I make the ADAU1701 save the data after power down ?

  • RE: 问下sigmastudio有没有语音增强的算法或组合实现功能

    hi Xinshuwei,






  • RE: adau1401 for Echo Cancelling

    Hi Mike,

    You are correct, ADI's AEC algorithm for SigmaDSP is only supported on the ADAU145x and ADAU146x processors.

    Unfortunately the ADAU1701 will not support our AEC algorithm. The AEC algorithm relies heavily on frequency domain processing, which…

  • RE: Building adau1761 driver for iMX6Q-Sabrelite board

    Hi Lars,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am trying to add a device tree node(sound) for adau1701 machine driver in the device tree file of the iMX-sabrelite board.Could you tell me the name of the file where you have done it for linux/bfin-eval-adau1701.c at…

  • ADAU1701

    ADAU1701 i2s input DAC analog output
    Play 1Khz audio, the output waveform is abnormal, how to solve