• ADAU1701 i2s Output from 2 Channel Input


    I am new with the SigmaDSP, but I am working on a project with a ADAU1701. The ADAU1701 getting a 2 Channel analog Input and for the project I need a i2s Output where the two channels (L/R) are transmitted over the i2c protocol.

    In my simple Schematic…

  • RE: ADAU1701 DAC Output Impedance?

    In my case the noise was across the whole frequency range, so I do not think the issue is the cutoff  frequency of the filter. Anything KHz is easily within the op-amps bandwidth. I guess HF noise could be upsetting equipment further downstream depending…

  • ADAU1701-SigmaStudio generating odd/even harmonics

    Hi Everybody, I am all new to this forum and only a bit of experience in SigmaStudio.

    My aim is to simulate the famous tube sound in modern sound system.

    My imagination says, this is not difficult to accomplish, because I only need to register a nonlinear…

  • RE: ADAU1701 POP NOISE using SW Slew Rate

    Thank you, you are correct, the switch was causing the problem. The program in sigma is ok.

  • Input selection on ADAU1701 or fixing manufacturers solution

    Hello all,

    I have a 3e audio board ADAU1701, but it has a broken automatic input selector, whereby it crashes on trying to upload if the module is included:  

    https://www.3e-audio.com/dsp/adau1701-2in4out/ (source file at bottom of page)


  • ADAU1701

    I'm repairing biamp RCF ART 715-A MK4. The filter and limiter is built on ADAU1701. The amplifier works, but white noise of medium volume is heard. I found out that the ADC1701 ADC is a noise source. The voltage on pin 47 FILTA is 2.14 V. The datasheet…

  • ADAU1701 selfboot

    Dear colleagues, is it possible in principle to use two ADAU1701 in self-boot mode from the same single EPROM? Is it possible to use a single project to load the circuits into both chips. The audio signal exchange between the chips is not necessary. Thanks…

  • RE: ADAU1701 + SigmaStudio + REW = Auto EQ ?

    Hi Robert.

    That surely seems like a much easier and faster way! Thank you for your input. I'll try it out soon.

  • RE: Latencies for blocks in ADAU1701

    Thanks Dave for your concise and precise answer - splendid!
    Very easy to follow and I know have a clear understanding!

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Best regards


  • RE: EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ - ADAU1701 comms failed

    Hello correia,

    Sorry I missed this post earlier. Did you ever solve this problem?

    Dave T