• RE: request information about sigmadsp (adau1467)

    Hello JoD,

    This is an issue in the compiler and it has been reported to SS developing team and we will get back to you once it is resolved.

  • ADAU1467 SDATAIOx problem


    I have a project that needs to use SDATAIOx of ADAU1467 to expand four I2S inputs. I can't use SDATA_IN0/1/2/3. Because my project has decode board (4 I2S inputs), Bluetooth (1 I2S input), ADC (2 I2S inputs).

    According to the datasheet of ADAU1467…

  • 3 x TDM8 inputs to ADAU1467

    Hi there,

    I have a Multichannel USB streamer device that I wish to use to send 24 channels of digital audio to an ADAU1467, utilising 3 x TDM8 lines.

    Therefore, I am hoping to just use Serial Inputs 0, 1 & 2 to receive the 3 x TDM8 streams.

    The USB…

  • Compile error with "One Shot Rise" block on ADAU1467


        Wanted to add "Table default value" after booting DSP. Found an example with "One Shot Rise" block on the forum.

    After adding block - "One Shot Rise" to my project it makes error during compilation.

    ##### Compile…

  • ADAU1467 - Suppression of Mechanical Noise and use of two microphones

    Hi all,

    I want to achieve the effect of active noise cancellation (ANC) for the recognition of the human voice with mechanical noise from machine tools and engines (according to the design of the post attached at the bottom). I use two microphones for…

  • Volume Control by both Rotary Encoder & Microcontroller - ADAU1467


    I have a working prototype with several rotary encoders controlling the volume of various inputs.

    I want add remote control of these using a microcontroller, but I've now realised that there doesn't seem to be a register that holds the current LUT…

  • Sigma Studio REV 4.6 Completion problem in using ADAU1467.

    I used Sigma Studio REV 4.5 for application contain DSP ADAU1467 and compile my application. I got the signal out put as I expected. I update Sigma Studio to REV 4.6  update the USBi driver and compile the same application.  The application didn't reply…

  • ADAU1467 booting 3 x AD1937 codec's

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a design with a central ADAU1467 DSP connected to 3 x AD1937 codecs so I can have 4 x balanced audio (mic/line) inputs and 24 balanced audio outputs.  I'm at the stage of considering the control.  I like how on the EVAL…

  • ADAU1467 External control single slew volume control slew rates

    What are the slew rates for this block please? I've found a thread on the similar device on the ADAU145x, but that seems to have values from 0.....41 whereas on the 1467 it's 0....15.

  • ADAU1467 Jitter on CLKOUT and BCLK

    Hey together,

    We have a problem with some jitter on CLKOUT pin as well as the BCLK pins on our ADAU1467. We supply our MCLK by a 24.576MHz oscillator. Please see the measurement of the 24.576MHz below:

    As you can see the clock signal is very stable and…