• About the IIS/TDM audio input IO of ADAU1467/ADAU1462

    Hi Experts

    we have found that the IIS/TDM audio data input channel counts is not sure of ADAU1467.

    1. Here is the infomation from the website, it shows that ADAU1467 has 12 audio input IOs

    2. In the ADAU1467 datasheet , it shows that ADAU1467 has 8…

  • Can I get ready solutions on ADAU1467 in Sigma Studio for Noise Cancellation?

    This it test ADAU1467 whether it can help to build a mic array.

  • DM1 programming problem with adau1467

    Hi all,

    We have problem to write more than 24672 bytes to DM1. The is no problem to write larger amount by interfacing sigmastudio (4.2) directly to the dsp. But we are using an mcu to program the dsp over i2c. When we try to transfer larger amounts…

  • RE: ADAu1467 can't self-boot from AT25DF321A (EEPROM)

    Hi David,

    Decided to move on with 2 Mbit EEPROm instead. the  AT25DF321A is too large for ADAU1467 application. Thanks, Semi

  • I want to build a mic array. Can I use ADAU1467 for that?

    Does ADAU1467 support in-built algorithms for noise cancellation, echo cancellation, beamforming which are required to build mic array?

  • Can ADAU1467 be used to build microphone array?

    I want to build a mic array. Can I use ADAU1467 for that? Is it pre-programmed or graphically programmable?

  • ADAU1467 How to determine safe load address (Page 1 or Page 2)


    The ADAU1467 data sheet has the following description.

    Can I distinguish how the target cell is in Page1(lower memory) or in Page2(upper memory)?

    No such distinction is found in either the exported file or the log file.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • EVAL-ADAU1467 Data from ADC


    is there any way to acquire the EVAL-ADAU1467 ADC data to a PC in parallel during it is also processed in the DSP? If yes, could you please advice what is needed?

    Many Thanks in advance!