• RE: ADAU1467 MCLK routing

    Hi Dave , thanks so much for taking the time to explain this.

    I rewired my prototype to receive 12.288mhz oscillator on XTALIN/MCLK pin on adau1467 and then I drive the clock 8 chan clock buffer from DSP CLKOUT which drives CS5386 ( 8chan ADC ) and CS4385…

  • ADAU1467 SPI clock Selfboot


    ADAU1467 works as SPI master when selfboot is enabled, but how to configure SPI clock frequency for the SPI master?

    I tried to look through 1467 datasheet and past EZ threads, but couldn't find it.



  • ADAU1467 ASRC

    Have noted that its possible to use sample rates higher that 192k as input to the asrc, for example 384k. Have tested it on the adau1467 eval board. The ASRC0_RATIO register 0xF582 correctly responds that the ratio is 8 (384/48). When I read the data…

  • How to change sample rate on EVAL-ADAU1467 ?

    Dear all,

    I am using EVAL-ADAU1467Z Rev. B.

    As far as I understood, sample rate on EVAL-ADAU1467 is fixed to either 44.1kHz or 48kHz, when switch S2 is set to standalone mode.

    According to the user's guide, with S2 set to I2C it should be possible to…

  • RE: ADAU1467 filter parameter change using PC GUI

    Hello. Dave Thib
    I am a hardware engineer and project leader.
    Because of my lack of English skills, I got help from the translator.
    Help me,
    The current situation is
    1. I am developing a pro audio product by applying ADAU1467.

    2. I used SigmaStudio 4.5 and…

  • ADAU1467 TDM4 mode


       my system consists of an ADAU1467 and two PCM3168A codecs, for a total of 8 inputs (4 on each codec) and 16 outputs (8 on each codec).

    DSP and CODECS receive both the master clock from a 24.576 MHz external oscillator.

    The DSP is BCLK and LRCLK master…

  • ADAU1467 Level Detector

    Hello! Trying to make 11 way level detector. In Sigma Studio all levels shows correctly. But I want read from ADAU1467 through SPI. If I understand right, each level has uniq addres in registers. In my case it starts from 0xA7. After read each address…

  • About ADAU1467

    Hello, I want to ask a question. In ADAU1467, can I read the data level value of this control? Or is there any control in SigmaStudio to read the data value of the input signal? Because I have a project that wants to get the data value after ADC. Thanks…

  • RE: occasional audio noise when powering up ADAU1467

    I found the reason. It was a delay block in the project where I accidently set it not to a delay in "0" or "1" but in "pm" .

    That caused the noise

  • Eval-ADAU1467 - no analog output on OUT2(ch 4-5)


    I have been playing around with the ADAU1467 eval board (EVAL-ADAU1467 Rev. B) and am not seeing an output on OUT2, but I am seeing an output on OUT1 channels. I imagine this is probably an incorrect serial setting in the hardware tabs, but I can…