• ADAU1467 Stop/Start clocks during boot

    Our system uses an ADAU1467 at its core.  Several I2C peripherals are initialized by the ADAU1467 during the startup sequence.  We'd like to prevent the BCLK and LRCLK signals from starting up before we complete our I2C initialization messaging to the peripherals…

  • ADAU1467 Self-Boot programming

    After reading through the ADAU1467 datasheet and the documentation for the evaluation board I have a question regarding the Master/Slave SPI/I2C ports.

    For initial development and testing of the audio processing program I want to use the USBi programmer…

  • ADAU1467 driving outputs during programming?

    Our design uses an ADAU1467.  In our software, MP19 is an output that drives the reset line of various peripherals in our circuitry.  During a debug session, we discovered that during the programming process, the bootloader code is deliberately driving…

  • ADAU1467 Clocking issue


    I have a setup with a ADAU1467 DSP feeding into 5 D/A converters with 4 channel each. The D/A converters expect TDM128 with bclk 512fs and negative bclk polarity (falling edge on falling edge) 32bit/channel and 32bits with i2s compatible output…

  • ADAU1467 Eeprom Interface Write problem

    I'm using an ADAU1467 with self-boot eeprom. Writing to the eeprom via the DSP works no problem, using the same settings as the EVAL board.

    However, I'm using a Rotary Encoder for volume, and I want it to save position when turned off, however this…

  • ADAU1467 seflboot EEPROM programming

    I'm having some trouble using the WinE2PromLoader feature to program a hex file onto a selfboot EEPROM connected to an ADAU1467 device. The component programs fine when I do a regular link-compile-download and then write to the EEPROM through the DSP…

  • RE: ADAU1467 Noise reduction algorithm error

    Hi Mark,

    The Noise Reduction algorithm has complex inputs/outputs and it operates in the frequency domain in a block schematic. You can refer the Wiki for more information about the NR algorithm. Noise Reduction (Standard) [Analog Devices Wiki]

    Also we…

  • [Bug Report] ADAU1467 Interface Write creates Self Boot failure


    Having spent many hours trying to understand what was going wrong, I now have a minimum project to demonstrate this failure.

    Simply put, the existence of an Interface Write block prevents Self Boot. Take the following trivial example, the oscillator…

  • ADAU1467 selboot and parameter update with microcontroller

    Hello, i'm quite a newbie to the digital signal processing and DSPs topics and i would like to ask a couple questions about the ADAU1467 dsp.

    1) I want to implement this processor in one of my project (DAC/DSP combo) and i wanted to ask if it is possible…

  • RE: Subharmonic Synth Plug-in with ADAU1467

    Hello ,

    Please note that subharmonic Synth Plug-in is not available in Version 4.2.

    We would suggest you to use the latest version of Sigma Studio Version 4.6, available at www.analog.com/.../ss_sigst_02.html