• ADAU1466 external SPI Delay

    I try to use higher external SPI delay in ADAU1466.

    When I use memory 23LC1024, it works well, delay is about  800ms in given channel for 96kHz.

    But I need more delay, that I try to use 4Mbit SRAM - IS62WVS5128GBLL. It's pin compatible, when I look to…

  • Migrating ADAU1452 to ADAU1466


    I would like to replace ADAU1452 with ADAU1466 in an existing project. Hardware seems to be no problem (I built a prototype with ADAU1466 and it works with the old software) since these two are pin compatible. That's great!

    Is there an easy…

  • ADAU1466 sef boot

    A customer is testing the ADAU1466, with our eval board, and having troubles with the self booting (the loading from tool is OK).


    They follow the suggested procedure...ie


    4. Before downloading the self boot data to the EEPROM, click the Link-Compile…

  • PWM from ADAU1466


    We need to feed an amplifier power stage with PMW signal, since we are expecting to use a PWM input, MOSFET gate driver for high power and  high voltage audio amplifier. We prefer ANALOG DEVICES processor to others but we need  some easy way to…

  • ADAU1466 with SigmaStudio

    I am using an ADAU1466 with SigmaStudio 4.1.  No problems, just one question: I can't find clear documentation or explanation on the use of the Delay cell.  I need 1 to 4 millisecond delay.  The delay cell appears to operate by writing then reading …

  • ADAU1466 compiler error?


    I'm just playing around using the Sigma Studio V3.15 Beta 2 and a ADAU1466 chip.

    I'm using some delays in my design but the compiler issues an error message if I try to use more than 32K per data memory.

    The compiler_output.log says


  • Connection external RAM to ADAU1466


    I 'm interested of solution for this ask: https://ez.analog.com/dsp/sigmadsp/f/q-a/65791/about-external-delay-spi-ram-delay-in-adau1452

    Where can I find function scheme of connecting external SPI DELAY to ADAU1466 ? Memory is 23LC1024-I/P.


  • ADAU1466 New Board Design Issues

    I have made a new ADAU1466 board design that is a clone of the ADAU1466 Eval Board, except for: (1) no codecs (in or out); (2) only uses serial ports in/out; and (3) has a 24.576mhz crystal substituted for the 12.288 mhz.   [The new board will be the digital…

  • Adau1466 1452 difference.

    In new project we think to use 1466 but its more expencive.

    What new in 1466.(exept memory)?


    new functions?

  • ADAU1466 - SPDIF 5.1


    I recently purchased eval1466 from the first series. I have to admit this is a great quality combo but I am wondering if connecting a SPDIF signal with TOSLINK I am able to receive a multi-channel signal if the TV footage has DTS, somehow use TDM…