• ADAU1466 Export System Files

    我使用了sigma Studio 4.7 Build 0, Rev1831来设计ADA1466的项目,

      在导出文件(Action/Export System Files)时遇到了问题,  在导出的文件中发现寄存器的地址不一致:

    /* PLL_ENABLE  - Registers (IC 1) */
    #define REG_PLL_ENABLE_IC_1_ADDR                  0xF003
    #define REG_PLL_ENABLE_…

  • ADAU1466 T Connection Latency


    I have a problem with a project for ADAU1466. I have detected a latency difference between two channels of 1 sample. I have been reducing my schematic until I find the problem and I have found it in the "T Connection" block.

    If I make a…

  • Problem initializing ADAU1466 by software


    I have a hardware design with an ADAU1466, connected to a dsPIC Microcontroller through an SPI port. I generate the files for the C language directly with SigmaStudio (I am using the latest version, 4.7) and incorporate them into my Microcontroller…

  • ADAU1466 AEC-RES 例子

    打开例子提示:CELL:FIR3_2    CELL:FIR4_2 没有输出,请问这个是什么问题!

  • ADAU1466 + ESP: Readback LevelRTA

    Hi All,

    I am working on a DSP solution where i use ESP32 to fully control the ADAU1466 @ SPI. I have many basic functions working and now i would like to provide input and output levels to the web interface running on ESP32, and i am currently quite unsure…

  • How to make really slow filters on ADAU1466

    For the thermal simulation (and limiting) of one of our products we need a 0.5 mHz filter to track a thermal time constant of something getting hot over time. I've tried an IIR filter with single order low pass parameters, but notice I'm down to the last…

  • ADAU1466 with Raspberry Pi I2S

    I have ADAU1466 board with external ADC/DAC converters based on PCM1802/PCM5102. Raspberry Pi used for control adau via i2c. But - I found some solutions for work with audio on raspberry pi via i2s (for example with codecs or ADC/DAC). 

    But - Can I connect…

  • Creating audio algorithms for the ADAU1466


    May I get some advice?
    Can I create my own algorithms for the ADAU1466 not only in the Algorithm Designer for SigmaDSP?


  • RE: External Delay with ADAU1466

    Dave, thanks for answer.

    I already find schematic for connection SRAM to adau and info in wiki about external delay. For now i try to find - which chips with 32-64Mb ram size will be work correct. For now i find only Pseudo SRAM chips, like ESP PSRAM64H…

  • ADAU1466 SDATA_OUTx Clock Output

    I am trying to line up clocks and data on an SDATA_OUTx port that matches incoming clocks on LRCLK_IN/OUT0 and BCLK_IN/OUT0. 

    My understanding is when any SDATA_OUTx port needs to be a BCLK and LRCLK master it has to use one of the 3 clock generators to…