• RE: ADAU1466 running ?

    What i forgot to say...
    Measured all accessible points on the board, power is ok, the crystal oscillating but there is absolutely no other clock or datatransfer between adc/dac an the DSP visible. So that makes we more thinking that the core is not working…

  • RE: ADAU1466 SPDIF receiver at 192K rate


    I've understand. It's required to set the RX MLCKSPEED to SYSCLK

    So you can mark this question as "Solved".


  • ADAU1466 overheat ?

    Hi !

    I would be interested in what happens to an ADAU1466 if it overheats, to compare that to the strange behaviour that I am currently experiencing.

    In the current revision of my DSP board, I am still using the same supply scheme as on the eval board;…

  • ADAU1466

    Is an Altium Library available / planned ?

    (PCB, symbols, schematics…)

  • ADAU1466 192k Sampling

    I am trying to setup the clock control for 192k sampling.  In this case I need the MCLK OUT to be Base_Fs x 256 (12.288 MHz).  I am using CLK GEN1.  Currently I have the PLL CTRL1 to Divide by 8 and the PLL CTRL0 set to 96.  In this case it seems that the…

  • ADAU1466 and Arduino communication


    I'm trying to make my ADAU1466 eval board to communicate with my Arduino ATMEGA2560. I'm using Arduinos code "i2c_scanner" that should be able to scan and detect the I2C addresses for slave devices. I am not getting anything from the scan, so i'm…

  • ADAU1466 second page addressing

    Hi all, 

    We are implementing the interface for controlling an ADAU1466 from an MCU and we've found that the second page addressing is quite inconvenient. This is because the addresses of parameters that live on the second page can not be made relative…

  • ADAU1466 and I2C Operation

    I would like to find someone that operates an ADAU1466 via the I2C, instead of the SPI interface, to answer a few basic questions.  For example, if a design is created in SigmaStudio, then loaded into the flash on the Eval board with the SPI interface…

  • ADAU1466 external SPI Delay

    I try to use higher external SPI delay in ADAU1466.

    When I use memory 23LC1024, it works well, delay is about  800ms in given channel for 96kHz.

    But I need more delay, that I try to use 4Mbit SRAM - IS62WVS5128GBLL. It's pin compatible, when I look to…

  • Migrating ADAU1452 to ADAU1466


    I would like to replace ADAU1452 with ADAU1466 in an existing project. Hardware seems to be no problem (I built a prototype with ADAU1466 and it works with the old software) since these two are pin compatible. That's great!

    Is there an easy…