• ADAU1463 TDM16 in slave mode


    We use the ADAU1463 in a system with TDM16 signal 24/32 bits on 48kHz on Serial Port 0 from a FPGA but the dsp is not working correct as slave from this input 0. Every time the systems starts the timing is different. It seems that it is not using…

  • ADAU1463/67 State of I2S Bus in RESET

    Hey everyone,

    quick question about the ADAU1463/67 State of I2S-Bus-Pins in RESET Mode.

    I suspect the ADAU1463 is behaving similar to the ADAU1451 on the I2S-Pins, therefore the answer ( RE: DSP - ADAU1451 - State of pins during RESET ) would apply. If…

  • ADAU1463/67 no SDATA Output on Slave Channels

    Hello all,

    i'm using an ADAU1463 as 8ch I2S Output as follows:

    - Serial Output Clock Domain0 is Master, SDATA_OUT0 carries 2 Signals (L/R)

    - Serial Outputs 1 - 3 are all set as slaves to Clock Domain0, each of the SDATA_OUTx Pins shall output 2 Signals…

  • ADAU1463 Schematic review


    Can I please get a schematic check on the attached ADAU1463 schematic snippet?

    I intend to have IN0 be clock slave, IN1 be clock master, OUT0 clock master, and then a lot of MP pin usage.

    I also intend to have I2C_M mode for both EEPROM and to…

  • ADAU1463/67 I2S Slave Connection instead of SDATAIO


    quick question:

    is it necessary to also connect the pins for LRCLK & BLCK in hardware to an input if the SDATA_Ports are used as slaves in another clock domain?

    For example, im using an AD1937 codec as DAC/ADC, now instead of connecting the 

  • ADAU1761 & ADAU1463 aggregate


    Is the following solution feasible? Can ADAU1761 or ADAU1463 aggregate the microphone input with the TDM input and then output the TDM signal?

    If feasible, are there documents for reference. Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Eric Lo

  • Setting up an ADC with an ADAU1463 over I2C

    Hi, I'm trying to Settup an ADC through I2C.

    The ADAU1463 operates at Selfboot Mode, so I have to settup the ADC with the DSP.

    I've tried to send I2C writes with the "Master Control Port IO" block, but I have some issues.

    - The lowest…

  • ADAU1463 SDATAIO usage

    I have a PCB coming in that was spun before fully understanding the use of the SDATAIO pins on the ADAU1463. The pic below shows the connections in the HW. The intent was to bring in 8 channels as 4 I2S streams all using the IMX6_ESAI_TC_CLK and…

  • SDATAIO is not working correctly of ADAU1463

    Hi folks,

         One of my customer is working on ADAU1463 and have some problems about the SDATAIO. Please help us to check what is going wrong about the SDATAIO.

         Here is the diagram of the hardware SCH.


          The customer is receiving 6CH audio through…

  • ADAU1463/67 datasheet errors?

    I am referring datasheet Rev. A. Kindly point me to an updated version, if any.

    I was looking into the Serial Control Port sections and found the description to be confusing.

    On pg. 36, it says 'A total of four control ports are available: two slave ports…