• SigmaStudio Algorithm documentation


    Can anyone point me to an accurate documentation of the algorithms implemented in ADAU1462 by SigmaStudio?

    The version 4.5 simply does not have any help.

    The wiki is at best completely outdated if not wrong.

    I take an example : the linear gain…

  • ADAU146x SRC Latency


    I've got an ADAU1462 project that takes i2s in, sends through ASRC to internal sample rate of 96kHz. 

    When measuring the end-to-end latency of the system with fs_in = 48kHz, I get 1.521ms, and when I change sample rate of input to 96kHz, the…

  • ADUA1462 Program and Data memory size


    Please let me confirm memory size of the ADAU1462.

    On the ADI web page and data sheet ( rev.A ), we can find below. Is it correct values ?


      Page 3 Table1. Product…

  • How do I recognize an ADAU1452-150?

    I'm looking to buy a cheap Aliexpress/eBay ADAU1452 board to learn more about the Analog family of DSPs.

    As usual, browsing the seller's description, there is some weirdness that hopefully can be explained by a game of telephone in multiple languages…

  • Audio delay - DM0/DM1 buffer too large for a MCU (SPI boot)

    I've a project with a ADAU1462 booted by a small MCU through SPI. Now, I've added audio delay in my design (6 channels, up to 100ms).

    It looks like the generated files contains some very large buffers correspond to that audio delay line. The problem…

  • Biquad filters - Q vs. S (slope)

    I am using the Text-in EQ filter block, and calculating biquad coefficients in an microcontroller to safeload in to an ADAU1462.

    After tracking down a bug I have learned that the Q/Slope field on the text-in EQ block is Q when using a parametric filter…

  • RE: ADAU1787 ANC / FxLMS

    Hi Mario,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any reference designs for ANC on the ADAU1787, but all the tools to create a high-quality ANC implementation from scratch are available in the FastDSP.

    The ADAU1787 SigmaDSP core is based on the Sigma200…

  • SPDIF LOCK_DET or LOSS_OF_SYNC bit on multipurpose output


    I am using a ADAU1462 and I would like to output its SPDIF RX lock status on the MPx output pins.

    I see in SigmaStudio a Register Read algorithm in the DSP Functions.

    It apparently allows for the reading of the 0xF600 or 0xF605 registers.

    How can…

  • RE: ADAU1452 I / O Inquiry

    Thank you mr M

    I will recommend to my customers use adau1462.