• How to read a parameter from I2C on boot time - ADAU1462


    Let me first explain what I want to do; During production a few calibration parameters will be saved to the upper page (64kB eeprom) of the I2C eeprom connected to the Master I2C port of the ADAU which is also used for self booting the DSP. Now…

  • ADUA1462 Program and Data memory size


    Please let me confirm memory size of the ADAU1462.

    On the ADI web page and data sheet ( rev.A ), we can find below. Is it correct values ?


      Page 3 Table1. Product…

  • RE: Chip sets in sigma 350 family

    ADAU145x = Sigma300
    ADAU146x = Sigma350

    Like Bob said, they're very closely related and can mostly be viewed as the same family. The designation is not related to clock speed (the fact that the Sigma300 processors ran at up to 300 MHz is just coincidence…

  • ADAU14: Capturing pulse shorter than a frame?

    Using ADAU1462 will it be possible to capture pulses shorter than an audio frame?

    E.g. can in inputs be set as rising edge triggered so it remembers the state even though the signal is no longer high when the next audio frame is processed?

    I am trying…

  • RE: ADAU1452 I / O Inquiry

    Thank you mr M

    I will recommend to my customers use adau1462.

  • RE: adau1452 ASRC can it work on 32-bit audio

    Hi Dave,

    Does this limitation to 24bits of the hardware ASRC exist on the ADAU1462 as well ?

    Thank you.

  • RE: HEADER_10-WAY_PO data sheet

    Thanks,  can the ADAU1462 and the ADAU1452 work on the same PCB , are the pin connection the same ?

  • ADAU146x SRC Latency


    I've got an ADAU1462 project that takes i2s in, sends through ASRC to internal sample rate of 96kHz. 

    When measuring the end-to-end latency of the system with fs_in = 48kHz, I get 1.521ms, and when I change sample rate of input to 96kHz, the…

  • RE: #Sigma 就诊# 关于SigmaStudio的算法库资源

    sigmaDSP 中ADAU1462是直接集成了主动降噪 和 回声消除及降噪的算法吗 ?