• ADAU1462 a sample rate of 192 kHz

    I'm working on a project  using ADAU1462 and AD1938 to du  a sample rate of 192 kHz  but there are a question ---  ripple

    bu use 48 kHz sample rate is very good

    I use sigmastudio

    and  AD1938  also Configured to 192kHz

    I am very troubling, How can i Configured…

  • ADAU1462 data memory size


    According to the datasheet for the ADAU1462, the data memory size is 48kWords.

    However, according to the compiler output window in Sigma Studio 3.17:

    ADAU1452 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 8192 (OK)

    ADAU1462 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 16384…

  • ADAU1462/1466 data sheet, several issues.

    I am referring the latest ADAU1462/1466 data sheet Rev.C.

    Please let me confirm below. If there are document anomalies, could you modify them in future?


    1. Digital Input voltage, no noise margin

    Is following specification correct?

    Page 7 Table 4…

  • SigmaStudio 4.0: Real Time Variant still doesn't work with ADAU1462

    Hi there!
    Real Time Variant in SigmaStudio 4.0 (Windows10 64-bit) still doesn't work with ADAU1462. 

    I'm following the steps according https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/sigmastudio/toolbox/mastercontrolport/realtimevariant


  • ADAU14: Capturing pulse shorter than a frame?

    Using ADAU1462 will it be possible to capture pulses shorter than an audio frame?

    E.g. can in inputs be set as rising edge triggered so it remembers the state even though the signal is no longer high when the next audio frame is processed?

    I am trying…

  • Applying dynamic EQ filtering based on signal amplitude


    I'm working on a project with some small size PA speakers that are intended to be used mostly for live speech (e.g. conferences)

    I would like to experiment with the idea of applying dynamic filtering or amplitude reduction to the microphone input…

  • RE: adau1452 ASRC can it work on 32-bit audio

    Hi Dave,

    Does this limitation to 24bits of the hardware ASRC exist on the ADAU1462 as well ?

    Thank you.

  • RE: request information about sigmadsp (adau1467)

    Hello Harish,

    We are currently experimenting with the AEC trial on ADAU146x hardware and experiencing the same error when we add more AEC channels. As you suggest the error is gone when we remove the DC blocking filter. But even if we try to add a simple…

  • Need help removing poping sound


         I am new to DSP's and I have inherited a project that i need to support. I have included an image of the audio path below with the area of interest highlighted.

    We are currently using an ADAU1462 dsp, and we are using the safe load method…

  • RE: Integration of ADAU1466 and ADAU1777 for Feed Forward Active Noise Cancellation ANC

    Hello expresspotato,

    The ADAU1452 and ADAU1462/1463/1466/1467 all support AEC and Noise Reduction at the same time. Both AEC and Noise Reduction are licensed algorithms. We do have trial versions available under Tools > Manage Downloadable Add-Ins.…