• ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67


    I am making a jump from ADAU1701 to either ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67.

    From the datasheet, it is obvious that the 63/67 has more hardware resources in the form of # of AUXADC, and GPIO pins.

    Besides these is there any makor distinguishing features…

  • ADAU1462: loud pop/click when audio starts

    Just completed a board that uses the ADAU1462to read audio through the S/PDIF optical input.  The design closely follows the ADAU1466 evaluation board, with a self-boot EEPROM  (which I successfully programmed from SigmaStudio).

    I also followed the instructions…

  • RE: How to read a parameter from I2C on boot time - ADAU1462

    Hi Dave,

    we have noticed the same issue when trying to read the i2c eeprom trough the "i2c bridge code" (the code you have to load into the ADAU to be able to program/read the eeprom on the master port). While programming works flawless, reading…

  • Serial Ports support for ADAU1467 & ADAU1462

    As per the ''Selection table for SigmaDSP audio processors' Serial I/O Ports supported for ADAU1467 & ADAU1462 is mentioned as 12 ports for input and output.

    But while referring Data sheet, serial ports supported is 4 only. Please clarify…

  • RE: ADAU1466 vs. ADAU1462 Code Compatibility

    One caveat is that they are not interchangeable from an external (SPI / I²C) programming point of view: For example, to access 0x3000-0x4FFF of DM0 (a memory range valid for the ADAU1452 and all ADAU146x devices), the address to use on the slave interface…

  • ADAU1462-150 PLL and other settings


    I was starting implementation for the ADAU1462-150 and came accross some points that are unclear for me.

    1) The datasheet shows in Table 20 on page 29 the predivider and feedback divider settings.
    The table states for a 12.288MHz input a setting of…

  • RE: "ADAU1462" actually appears to be an ADAU1466

    There is no manufacturing defect.

    I should have added "or the datasheets seem to be incorrect about the slave interface memory map of the ADAU1462/3".

    These are built from the same die and the memory is there but…
  • SigmaStudio 4.1, ADAU1462 bug report

    Hi there,

    SigmaStudio 4.1, RealTimeVariant for ADAU1462 still doesn't work. VariantEditor window doesn't opening.

    For ADAU1452 all is OK.

    Best regards,

    Konstantin Morozov

  • Timing parameters S/PDIF on the ADAU1462


    I would like to know more about timing parameters of the S/PDIF input on the ADAU1462.

    On page 11 of the datasheet (rev. C) there is only a table regarding the Audio Sample Rate.

    I would like to know about the Skew timing and other parameters of…

  • ADAU1462 reset and idle power consumption

    Can you please advise if the datasheet power consumption figures are correct for reset and idle over TA = −40°C to +105°C.

    It states the maximum is 559mA !!