• Timing parameters S/PDIF on the ADAU1462


    I would like to know more about timing parameters of the S/PDIF input on the ADAU1462.

    On page 11 of the datasheet (rev. C) there is only a table regarding the Audio Sample Rate.

    I would like to know about the Skew timing and other parameters of…

  • Serial Ports support for ADAU1467 & ADAU1462

    As per the ''Selection table for SigmaDSP audio processors' Serial I/O Ports supported for ADAU1467 & ADAU1462 is mentioned as 12 ports for input and output.

    But while referring Data sheet, serial ports supported is 4 only. Please clarify…

  • ADAU1462/1466 data sheet, several issues.

    I am referring the latest ADAU1462/1466 data sheet Rev.C.

    Please let me confirm below. If there are document anomalies, could you modify them in future?


    1. Digital Input voltage, no noise margin

    Is following specification correct?

    Page 7 Table 4…

  • ADAU1462: loud pop/click when audio starts

    Just completed a board that uses the ADAU1462to read audio through the S/PDIF optical input.  The design closely follows the ADAU1466 evaluation board, with a self-boot EEPROM  (which I successfully programmed from SigmaStudio).

    I also followed the instructions…

  • "ADAU1462" actually appears to be an ADAU1466

    We are working on a revision of our hardware using the ADAU1462-300 instead of the ADAU1452 we currently use. During initial testing however I discovered that it appears to behave like an ADAU1466 even though the part marking says ADAU1462WBCPZ300. Specifically…

  • ADAU1462 a sample rate of 192 kHz

    I'm working on a project  using ADAU1462 and AD1938 to du  a sample rate of 192 kHz  but there are a question ---  ripple

    bu use 48 kHz sample rate is very good

    I use sigmastudio

    and  AD1938  also Configured to 192kHz

    I am very troubling, How can i Configured…

  • Maximum length of FIR filter on ADAU1462 / SigmaStudio?

    The online SigmaStudio documentation  (a recent version, from June this year)  indicates that the maximum length is 800.

    However, on SigmaStudio, I can type in 1600 on the filter length text box, and it accepts it.  When I open the table, it does show 1600…

  • "Oscilloscope probe" block in SigmaStudio? (with ADAU1462)

    As I understand it, the simulation stimulus and probe blocks exclusively display frequency-domain information.

    Is there a time-domain equivalent of these?  In a sense, an "oscilloscope probe" to get a snapshot (fragment) of any particular signal in the…

  • SigmaStudio 4.0: Real Time Variant still doesn't work with ADAU1462

    Hi there!
    Real Time Variant in SigmaStudio 4.0 (Windows10 64-bit) still doesn't work with ADAU1462. 

    I'm following the steps according https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/sigmastudio/toolbox/mastercontrolport/realtimevariant


  • About the IIS/TDM audio input IO of ADAU1467/ADAU1462

    Hi Experts

    we have found that the IIS/TDM audio data input channel counts is not sure of ADAU1467.

    1. Here is the infomation from the website, it shows that ADAU1467 has 12 audio input IOs

    2. In the ADAU1467 datasheet , it shows that ADAU1467 has 8…