• Register compatibility ADAU1452 <> ADAU1462 ?!

    Though it is said the two mentioned parts are 100% SW and register compatible their spec says something different:

    Is the ADAU1462 spec correct?
  • Production programming of ADAU1462

    I have a system with a ADAU1462 as a SPI slave, the DSP also connects to a slave I2C EEPROM to hold the DSP program.

    During development I have been programming the EEPROM in SigmaStudio via the connection: USBi -> SPI -> ADAU1462 -> I2C -> EEPROM and it…

  • SigmaStudio 4.1, ADAU1462 bug report

    Hi there,

    SigmaStudio 4.1, RealTimeVariant for ADAU1462 still doesn't work. VariantEditor window doesn't opening.

    For ADAU1452 all is OK.

    Best regards,

    Konstantin Morozov

  • ADAU1462 data memory size


    According to the datasheet for the ADAU1462, the data memory size is 48kWords.

    However, according to the compiler output window in Sigma Studio 3.17:

    ADAU1452 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 8192 (OK)

    ADAU1462 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 16384…

  • ADAU1466 vs. ADAU1462 Code Compatibility

    I currently have several designs running well on ADAU1466-300. Assuming the data and program memory usage is below the limit of ADAU1462-300, can I use the ADAU1466-300 generated code and load directly onto ADAU1462-300 without any changes? Or does the…

  • ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67


    I am making a jump from ADAU1701 to either ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67.

    From the datasheet, it is obvious that the 63/67 has more hardware resources in the form of # of AUXADC, and GPIO pins.

    Besides these is there any makor distinguishing features…

  • ADAU1462 reset and idle power consumption

    Can you please advise if the datasheet power consumption figures are correct for reset and idle over TA = −40°C to +105°C.

    It states the maximum is 559mA !!


  • ADAU1462-150 PLL and other settings


    I was starting implementation for the ADAU1462-150 and came accross some points that are unclear for me.

    1) The datasheet shows in Table 20 on page 29 the predivider and feedback divider settings.
    The table states for a 12.288MHz input a setting of…

  • ADAU1452 -> ADAU1462 ASRC and 192kHz SPDIF

    I have a product that has been in the market for several years now using the ADAU1452.  

    It's only limiting factor for us right now is that the SPDIF input on that part maxes out at 96khz and we have many customers wanting to use 192K (or higher) PCM spdif…

  • ADAU1462 -- how to "silence" I2S output(s)?

    How can I programmatically and at run-time disable (or at least completely silence) an I2S output?   By "completely silence", I mean make it output all-zeros;  in particular, force the SDATA pin to output a permanent zero.

    This does not seem to…