• Register compatibility ADAU1452 <> ADAU1462 ?!

    Though it is said the two mentioned parts are 100% SW and register compatible their spec says something different:

    Is the ADAU1462 spec correct?
  • RE: "Oscilloscope probe" block in SigmaStudio? (with ADAU1462)

    Hello Carlos

    Sorry for late reply.

    Under Basic DSP>>DSP Functions there is Realtime display. Showing you the data in time domain.
    But  please note that  this data flow is limited by I2C's bandwidth and USB connection.
    Normally few tens of Hz is…

  • Production programming of ADAU1462

    I have a system with a ADAU1462 as a SPI slave, the DSP also connects to a slave I2C EEPROM to hold the DSP program.

    During development I have been programming the EEPROM in SigmaStudio via the connection: USBi -> SPI -> ADAU1462 -> I2C -> EEPROM and it…

  • Maximum length of FIR filter on ADAU1462 / SigmaStudio?

    The online SigmaStudio documentation  (a recent version, from June this year)  indicates that the maximum length is 800.

    However, on SigmaStudio, I can type in 1600 on the filter length text box, and it accepts it.  When I open the table, it does show 1600…

  • RE: About the IIS/TDM audio input IO of ADAU1467/ADAU1462


    Apologies for the confusion caused here.

    There are four serial data input PORTs (SDATA_IN3 to SDATA_IN0) and four serial data output PORTs (SDATA_OUT3 to SDATA_OUT0) are available in ADAU1467. Also it contains 8 selectable INPUT/OUTPUT IOs. The eight…

  • ADAU1462 -- how to "silence" I2S output(s)?

    How can I programmatically and at run-time disable (or at least completely silence) an I2S output?   By "completely silence", I mean make it output all-zeros;  in particular, force the SDATA pin to output a permanent zero.

    This does not seem to…

  • RE: How to read a parameter from I2C on boot time - ADAU1462

    Hi Dave,

    we have noticed the same issue when trying to read the i2c eeprom trough the "i2c bridge code" (the code you have to load into the ADAU to be able to program/read the eeprom on the master port). While programming works flawless, reading…

  • ADAU1452 -> ADAU1462 ASRC and 192kHz SPDIF

    I have a product that has been in the market for several years now using the ADAU1452.  

    It's only limiting factor for us right now is that the SPDIF input on that part maxes out at 96khz and we have many customers wanting to use 192K (or higher) PCM spdif…

  • ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67


    I am making a jump from ADAU1701 to either ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67.

    From the datasheet, it is obvious that the 63/67 has more hardware resources in the form of # of AUXADC, and GPIO pins.

    Besides these is there any makor distinguishing features…

  • ADAU1462: loud pop/click when audio starts

    Just completed a board that uses the ADAU1462to read audio through the S/PDIF optical input.  The design closely follows the ADAU1466 evaluation board, with a self-boot EEPROM  (which I successfully programmed from SigmaStudio).

    I also followed the instructions…