• RE: HEADER_10-WAY_PO data sheet

    Thanks,  can the ADAU1462 and the ADAU1452 work on the same PCB , are the pin connection the same ?

  • ADAU1466 vs. ADAU1462 Code Compatibility

    I currently have several designs running well on ADAU1466-300. Assuming the data and program memory usage is below the limit of ADAU1462-300, can I use the ADAU1466-300 generated code and load directly onto ADAU1462-300 without any changes? Or does the…

  • ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67


    I am making a jump from ADAU1701 to either ADAU1462/66 or ADAU1463/67.

    From the datasheet, it is obvious that the 63/67 has more hardware resources in the form of # of AUXADC, and GPIO pins.

    Besides these is there any makor distinguishing features…

  • ADAU1462 data memory size


    According to the datasheet for the ADAU1462, the data memory size is 48kWords.

    However, according to the compiler output window in Sigma Studio 3.17:

    ADAU1452 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 8192 (OK)

    ADAU1462 - DM0: 20480, DM1:20480, PM: 16384…

  • ADUA1462 Program and Data memory size


    Please let me confirm memory size of the ADAU1462.

    On the ADI web page and data sheet ( rev.A ), we can find below. Is it correct values ?


      Page 3 Table1. Product…

  • ADAU1462 a sample rate of 192 kHz

    I'm working on a project  using ADAU1462 and AD1938 to du  a sample rate of 192 kHz  but there are a question ---  ripple

    bu use 48 kHz sample rate is very good

    I use sigmastudio

    and  AD1938  also Configured to 192kHz

    I am very troubling, How can i Configured…

  • RE: ADAU1452 I / O Inquiry

    Hello Andrew,

    The ADAU1462 is not the correct part. It is the 1463.


    Dave T

  • RE: ADAU1462-150 PLL and other settings

    Hi Dave,

    thank you for your answers, that mostly covers all my points.

    I am not certain where you are seeing these writes to 0xF5D0?

    I was looking to the capture window but as you explained doesn't matter for the ADAU1462.

  • "ADAU1462" actually appears to be an ADAU1466

    We are working on a revision of our hardware using the ADAU1462-300 instead of the ADAU1452 we currently use. During initial testing however I discovered that it appears to behave like an ADAU1466 even though the part marking says ADAU1462WBCPZ300. Specifically…