• ADAU1461 standalone


    ich versuche mal meine Frage auf Deutsch zustellen. Ich Versuche mit dem ADAU1461 einen kleinen DSP-Amp zu bauen. Ich bekomme das Teil oder die Kommunikation nicht richtig zum laufen. Und habe irgendwo gelesen das ich einen systemcontroller brauche…

  • ADAU1461 Botting



    can you give examples about micro-controllers that cheap and can boot ADAU1461



  • ADAU1461 Hardware Circuit

    Dear all


    if i would like to design project with ADAU1461 work with 1.5 volts

    can i use dc/dc converter


    can you describe one dc/dc converter

    what about Oscillator (crystal)

    and booting

    please  if you can describe full Circuit  that make ADAU14…

  • ADAU1461 TDM problem

    Hi. I have a custom prototype PCB with ADAU1461. Running in slave 8ch TDM

    However I cannout get an output on the TDM SDO pin. Its always HIGH for bits 32-8 and LOW for 7-0 in the TDM slot.

    See attached  DSP.JPG

    my MCLK is 12.288mhz So I am using the…

  • ADAU1461 INPUT 9 bug in SS 3.8


    When trying to use input 9 (TDM ch 8 on the ADAU1461) in sigma studio3.8  i get an error on compile download.

    "Error in Input1

    Line Numer 30

    "digin_9" variable used is not defined in RAM or not a RAM directive."

    If i go back…

  • Linux Driver for ADAU1442

    Hi, all

    I am looking for "Linux Driver for ADAU1442".


    Actually, I can find out Linux Driver for ADAU1401, ADAU1401A, ADAU1461, ADAU1761, etc.

    But, I cannot look for "Linux Driver for ADAU1442" at the linked web-site below.


  • RE: Linux drivers

    Hi pjxan,

    I think all questions related to the Linux drivers are handled directly in the Linux forum: http://ez.analog.com/community/linux-device-drivers/linux-software-drivers

    Perhaps a moderator can move this discussion to that forum for you, where…

  • RE: Is SigmaDSP memory volatile?


    SteveL's answer is correct, but there's one important thing to note. Not all SigmaDSPs have a self-boot function. SigmaDSPs without self-boot will need to be booted by a microcontroller or other host IC when they are powered up. Here is a table…

  • RE: Change device in existing design


    thanks for the honest answer. I was estimating the possibility of a design on SigmaDSP so I started with the largest device you make and it all fitted fine. I then wanted to move down the range until I found the smallest (cheapest!) device it would…

  • Memory requirements for booting a SigmaDSP with a microcontroller

    Memory requirements for booting a SigmaDSP with a microcontroller by BrettG

    In order to boot a SigmaDSP using a microcontroller, the program memory, parameter memory, and control registers must be written via the I2C/SPI control port. Each SigmaDSP has…