• RE: How to implement long delay with SPI-RAM in ADAU1452

    Hello Gundang,

    Yes, but only if the SPI RAM is only used by the ADAU1452.

    The ADAU1452 has two communications ports. The slave port is what the system controller will use to communicate with the ADAU1452 and to program it. The master port will communicate…

  • RE: ADAU1452 SPDIF interface

    Hi Adam,

    The evaluation board for the ADAU1452 only has an optical interface and no RCA coaxial connector. However, I think the ADAU1442 and ADAU1452 share practically the same S/PDIF interface, so the same circuit should work on the ADAU1452 as on the…

  • Write EEPROM through ADAU1452

    I am evaluating the ADAU1452, and I am looking into how to update the self boot EEPROM after shipping the product. I know how to write to the EEPROM from Sigma Studio, but how do I write to the self boot EEPROM through the ADAU1452 from the host MCU connected…

  • Signal Invert in ADAU1452

    I am using Sigma Studio version 3.15.2 and DSP ADAU1452. The Sigma Studio toolbox (Basic DSP / Logic / Invert) does not list the Signal Invert algorithm as available for the ADAU1452. Does the ADAU1452 not implement or support the Signal Invert algorithm…

  • Problem on FIR filter in sigma studio

    I tried to use FIR Filter Block(coefficients calculated by MATLAB) in ADAU1701 and ADAU1452. But I get different results. ADAU1452 provides a linear phase FIR filter, but I don't want it. 

    I guess FIRSigma300Alg and FIRFiltAlg are quite different. FIRSigma300Alg…

  • SigmaDSP ADAU1452 linux driver


    I'm trying to set up a Raspberry Pi with an ADAU1452 chip working as an I2S codec for audio I/O via the Pi's GPIO pins.
    The ADAU1452 chip is on an eval board EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ.

    Is there a linux driver for the ADAU1452 to don't have to start…
  • ADAU1452 Acoustic Echo Cancelling Issue

    Hello ,

             I want to use ADAU1452 to design audio amp system , but it have a key function that is Acoustic Echo Cancelling. I once used the ADAU1442 to achieve Acoustic Echo Cancelling function, but I am not found the " NLMS Filter " at the ADAU1452 support…

  • RE: OTA upgrade on ADAU145x

    In addition:

       I notice that ADAU1452 has a SPI slave port and SPI master port. and in the datasheet, it said the SPI master can read/write the external memory like E2PROM, flash.

       So, is that possible ADAU1452 receive the OTA data from MCU via the SPI…

  • RE: ADAU1452 evaluation board Manual and Schematic

    The schematic is attached.