• ADAU1452 based custom board, unable to read registers

    Hello everyone,

    I designed a PCB based on the ADAU1452 DSP,  where the relevant parts in terms of my question are basically copy-pasted from the EVAL board of this DSP. Only the layout is different.

    When I was trying to upload a simple program (LED blink…

  • ADAU1452 REVBZ


    Dear Team,

    It is really despairing that two consecutive posts regarding the same questions have gone unanswered and disregarded.

    I am trying to bring your attention once again to my problem statement ;

    I need to know why A 2ch input (from a TDM*8 configured…

  • RE: ADAU1452 eval' board - AUX ADC ReadBack Values

    Hello Mark,

    The two parts have a significant difference in how the AUXADCs were implemented. There are good things and bad things about both ways so you cannot say one is better than the other. The 1701 has the 10 bit data normalized to the left so that…

  • ADAU1452 FFT


    我现在想用1452 的FFT 分析,但是我怎么样能把经过FFT 之后的值都读出来呢?

  • ARM initialize ADAU1452 problem


    I have a problem initialize ADAU1452 in Debian by i2c.

    initialize data is 49xxx long and ARM driver could only write 8192 bytes per time, and how I could connect data for each transaction with STOP/START in the middle ?

    tried first time send address…

  • ADAU1452 PEQ safeload

    I'm developing a board composed of  MCU and ADAU1452.

    SigmaStudio v3.13  is used to create block diagrams.

    MCU can make  ADAU1452  work by  I2C,also can  Control the volume.

    SO I think I2C operation has no problem.

    when I write PEQ Parameters throuth software…

  • ADAU1452 Rotaty Volume

    I read the topic:
    Trying to do the same.
    I use Pins MP12, MP13
    Rotary Volume does not react in any way.
    I tried with Zero Comparator and without it.
    On ReedBack…

  • ADAU1452 GPIO

    In the Evaluationboard User Guide ( UG-636) is written, that GPIO MP5 is on TP38.

    If I look on the schematic  of UG-636 :  TP38 is analog input channel ADC1LN.

    Is the table 4. Multipurpose pins , GPIO's on page 16 wrong ?

  • ADAU1452 leakage


    I have some questions about ADAU1452.

    When I send CLK by external crystal to ADAU1452's XTALIN/MCLK pin.

    ADAU1452's power pin will produce a voltage even there is no power supplied to ADAU1452.

    Once stop sending CLK to ADAU1452, this…

  • ADAU1452

    What is the lowest frequency that is usable? The GUI refers to 20 Hertz. I would like to go from .5HZ to 20HZ. Is this possible.

    I am looking at creating band pass filters.

    Thank You,

    Philip Nielsen