• ADAU1452 leakage


    I have some questions about ADAU1452.

    When I send CLK by external crystal to ADAU1452's XTALIN/MCLK pin.

    ADAU1452's power pin will produce a voltage even there is no power supplied to ADAU1452.

    Once stop sending CLK to ADAU1452, this…

  • USB to I2S Bridge


    We develop an A2B system for automotive.

    I intend to use as Audio Host an ADAU1452 and the Target Processor is an Atom based PC.

    I need to send three separate digital audio signals from the PC USB ports to the A2B connected devices and my intention…

  • RE: About SPI Slave Port of ADAU1452

    Hello, ADI Support Team

    I have an additional explanation.

    As the background of this question, I am considering to connect between MCU and ADAU1452 and other device via SPI.

    And then, SPI master is MCU, and SPI slave is ADAU1452 and other device.

  • Controller for ADAU1452

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using ADAU1452 audio DSP Processor. We need a controller to program ADAU1452. Which controller is suitable for programming ADAU1452. Please help.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • How can I check the working state of ADAU1452

    During the ADAU1452 is working, I want to know whether the ADAU1452 is working normally or not. Is there some registers indicated the core state, whether the code overrun, whether the input/output sport is working normally, and whether the ram has some…

  • Can ADAU1452 use 2 control ports at same time?

    Hello all,

    I have questions as the title.

    Could you see the attachment and give me an idea please?

    Best Regards,

    Yuta M

  • RE: Filtered NLMS filter

    Dear Dave,

    Thanks for looking into this! I am working with the ADAU1452, in particular, the EVAL-ADAU1452 evaluation board.


  • ADAU1452

    What is the lowest frequency that is usable? The GUI refers to 20 Hertz. I would like to go from .5HZ to 20HZ. Is this possible.

    I am looking at creating band pass filters.

    Thank You,

    Philip Nielsen

  • RE: ADAU1452 SPDIF interface

    Hi Adam,

    The evaluation board for the ADAU1452 only has an optical interface and no RCA coaxial connector. However, I think the ADAU1442 and ADAU1452 share practically the same S/PDIF interface, so the same circuit should work on the ADAU1452 as on the…

  • Write EEPROM through ADAU1452

    I am evaluating the ADAU1452, and I am looking into how to update the self boot EEPROM after shipping the product. I know how to write to the EEPROM from Sigma Studio, but how do I write to the self boot EEPROM through the ADAU1452 from the host MCU connected…