• ADAU1452 leakage


    I have some questions about ADAU1452.

    When I send CLK by external crystal to ADAU1452's XTALIN/MCLK pin.

    ADAU1452's power pin will produce a voltage even there is no power supplied to ADAU1452.

    Once stop sending CLK to ADAU1452, this…

  • RE: Sigmastudio GPIO controls the opening, muting and closing of audio signals

    Dear JBob

    (vocal Chorus) / (flange) algorithm, not in adau1452 algorithm list, can you provide me a routine for learning? I am using adau1452 to design an effector for guitar.

  • RE: OTA upgrade on ADAU145x

    In addition:

       I notice that ADAU1452 has a SPI slave port and SPI master port. and in the datasheet, it said the SPI master can read/write the external memory like E2PROM, flash.

       So, is that possible ADAU1452 receive the OTA data from MCU via the SPI…

  • ADAU1452 no data in


    I'm trying to get an ADAU1452 running in a very simple setup using SigmaStudio 4.4.

    It's basically the following:

    I2S (48kHZ, 32bit) -> SDATA_IN0


    The DSP is fed with a static 24.576MHz clock and I configured ASRC0…

  • RE: About SPI Slave Port of ADAU1452

    Hello, ADI Support Team

    I have an additional explanation.

    As the background of this question, I am considering to connect between MCU and ADAU1452 and other device via SPI.

    And then, SPI master is MCU, and SPI slave is ADAU1452 and other device.

  • Controller for ADAU1452

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using ADAU1452 audio DSP Processor. We need a controller to program ADAU1452. Which controller is suitable for programming ADAU1452. Please help.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • How can I check the working state of ADAU1452

    During the ADAU1452 is working, I want to know whether the ADAU1452 is working normally or not. Is there some registers indicated the core state, whether the code overrun, whether the input/output sport is working normally, and whether the ram has some…

  • RE: Filtered NLMS filter

    Dear Dave,

    Thanks for looking into this! I am working with the ADAU1452, in particular, the EVAL-ADAU1452 evaluation board.


  • RE: How to implement long delay with SPI-RAM in ADAU1452

    Hello Gundang,

    Yes, but only if the SPI RAM is only used by the ADAU1452.

    The ADAU1452 has two communications ports. The slave port is what the system controller will use to communicate with the ADAU1452 and to program it. The master port will communicate…

  • Signal Invert in ADAU1452

    I am using Sigma Studio version 3.15.2 and DSP ADAU1452. The Sigma Studio toolbox (Basic DSP / Logic / Invert) does not list the Signal Invert algorithm as available for the ADAU1452. Does the ADAU1452 not implement or support the Signal Invert algorithm…