• ADAU1451 ASRCs settings questions

    Dear Sir,

    Our customer have some questions when they development project now:

    They have two source: One is digital I2S input from SoC, and another is AUX input converted by audio ADC; and it have the possible that the two source will into ADAU1451…

  • adau1372 and adau1451 TDM connection

    I am using ADAU1372 and ADAU1451 in an audio design.     I am using all 4 ADC inputs and send that successfully to DSP in TDM4 mode(I2S mode only sends two channels from CODEC) .  The DSP also attempts to send 2 channels to the  DACs.   I have been unsuccessful…

  • Wrong LRCLK/BCLK on ADAU1451


    I have a problem with a project I am working on. The project consist of a ADAU1451, two ADC´s and one DAC and is configured like shown in this picture:

    Both the ADC´s and the DAC have been configured to Slave mode, therefore the LRCLK and…

  • ADAU1451 TDM Output ports


    I am making a project with a ADAU1451 DSP and a ADAU1966-16CH DAC and I would just like to have a few things cleared up before I go to making PCBs.

    I would like to run the ADAU1966 in TDM4 mode, wich means I use 4 SDATA pins on the DSP, but can…

  • ADAU1451 - memory load verification

    I am working on a project with ADAU1451 and need to verify if program and parameter memory are loaded correctly.

    Interface is SPI, speed is 2.625 MHz, mode 3.

    I am trying to read the memories after writing and compare against the memory data arrays…

  • ADAU1451 Core sample rate settings



    I have a question regarding the sample rate setup of the ADAU1451 using SigmaStudio 3.14.


    I am running my application on a custom board with a 24.576 MHz MCLK with all four I2S input data channels set as slave on the ADAU1451 and all four…

  • ADAU1451 and STA120 AES IC

    Hello All,

    I'm using an ADAU1451 with 1789 D/A, 1978 A/D, and the STA120 AES decode IC (for an AES input option).

    The problem is the STA120 IC Sine wave (generated with AP515 Digital AES on STA120 RX input) won't decode cleanly (FFT shows noise…

  • ADAU1451 I2C data hold time

    Dear Sir,

         According ADAU1451 datasheet description as below:


    But it's seem against the I2C spec. description as belo

    Our customer use 400KHz I2C, datasheet define “data hold time is >= 0.9us”.

    But I2C standard define “data hold time…

  • Inverting ADAU1451 GPIO output Pin

    We recently upgraded our design from an ADAU1701 to a ADAU1451.  We are using GPIO output pins MP6 and MP7 to indicate audio signal presence, using the signal detect block.


    In the ADAU1701 I could invert the polarity of MP6 and MP7 in the register settings…

  • ADAU1451 Read abolute Volume function

    Dear Sir,

         Would ADAU1451 can provide the function to read absolute volume (may be linear 0~1.0, or dBFS: -96~0)?


    For our customer's project, they use “Signal Detect” and output result to “Readback”.

    Then they want to try “Readback register address…