• [ADAU1451] The PNP transistor drive by VDRIVE pin for ADAU1451 DVDD

    Dear Sir,

    Our customer met an issue, their product(speaker) using ADAU1451 had finished development stage and MP for a while, but their end customer returned the failures set to them (2 sets in this Feb, 3 sets in May of end, total 5 failures sets) from…

  • RE: ADAU1451 ASRC_MUTE strange behaviour

    Thank you Dave for your answer.

    It's a bit complicate to implement the patch directly in the DSP as we are not using internal blocks but routing directly ASRC to SDIN and SDOUT with registers.

    We are polling for ASRC unlocked status and mute signal…

  • Demux ADAU1451

    We are designing a digital audio console with ADAU1451 DSP

    We need to use the Aout3 TDM 8 output  of ADAU 1451  to get four AES-3 outs. How can we demux the 8 channels to use four  DIT 4096 Texas stereo serial audio to AES converters?  
    Or do you know another…


    I am working on a linux driver to interface with a ADAU1451 that is running a program developed in sigma studio.  I have exported the header files and am able to interact with the device over spi but I find the SigmaStudioFW.h quite lacking.  The generated…

  • Loop ADAU1451


    Is it possible to create a loop in Sigma studio to execute low level bloc (multiply, add, and so on) ?

  • RE: adau1372 and adau1451 TDM connection


      I have discovered the issue. it is not related to SW  i was able to get  I2S (L/R channels) using two outputs from 1372 working as well as TDM (4 channels) using 1 output from 1372 working. 

  • multirate process adau1451

    hello everyone

    can someone explain how to use the new multirate feature in SigmaStudio 3.12  and adau1451, upsampling is possible?

    My project is running at fs48k, i need some process at 192kz , for example pass through FIR filter at 192

    My next hardware…

  • ADAU1451 hardware accelerator Slew


    请问下在Sigma 300里面使用硬件加速器slew,slew mode为RC type时,对应的time constant 与数据从当前值到目标值得时间有什么关系,或者说不同的time constant的值有什么用?





    I have a problem when load the EQ parameters on ADAU1451.

    I build a 28 band EQ. T

    The first parameter address is: 0x002B //DM0

    The second parameter address is: 0x600E//DM1

    The third parameter address is: 0x0030

    The fourth parameter address is:…

  • ADAU1451 output port

    Dear sir,

    Our customer's project have four serial out from ADAU1451. OUT3 have independent BCLK/LRCK;

    for layout board size and EMC concern, OUT1 and OUT2 share BCLK0/LRCK0 from OUT0 (PORT1 and PORT2 BCLK/LRCLK no layout, pin in open state).