• ADAU1451/2/equivalent: Ridiculous leadtimes, preventing adoption

    We've been working on a new design that uses the ADAU1451.  ADI is showing leadtimes to **2024** now on all of these and equivalents (1452, etc).  That's absolutely absurd.

    Some of the distributors promise earlier than this, but these estimates…

  • Register description for ADAU1451

    I am working with the ADAU1451 on some DSP applications. Where can I find a document describing the full set of parameters that can be configured in the register, listed with parameter name, memory address and possible values?

  • Changing DC input entry value from MCU (ADAU1451)


    I am new to using DSP, so sorry if my terms are not correct.
    I can not get a selectable index filter two work, when running the DSP program from the MCU. 
    When I run the DSP program through the debugger it works fine. 
    I have no problem changing switches…

  • SigmaStudio crashes on TCP communication with ADAU1451

    I am running SigmaStudio 4.6 Build 0. Rev 1812 on Windows 10 Home 19043.1466 64-bit.

    Having just done a fresh install of SigmaStudio, I created a new project. I added my ADAU1451 and TCP communication to the configuration:

    I then changed the IP address…

  • DSP - ADAU1451 - State of pins during RESET


    What is the state(Input or Output or High impedance) of the all the pins during RESET of DSP (ADAU1451).

  • [ADAU1451] I2S microphone configuration with AEC algorithm

    Hello all,

    I am not experienced in audio signal processing and I have never worked with SigamaStudio or any Analog Devices' DSP, therefore I am having some difficulties. 

    I am using the HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP platoform that has the ADAU1451 DSP. For my…

  • Stereocoder 38Khz multiplex not working on adau1451


    I build de stereocoder in adau1451 from the schema in adau1701. It works accept the 38Khz won't come out.

    Did try to change the clock settings and sample rate but solves nothing.


  • ADAU1451 Multirate processing and clocks/start pulse/sampling rate settings problem


    I’m having some troubles with multirate processing on the ADAU1451 (scheme below).

    I want to receive : 

    1) audio data at 48 kHz

    2) have a first stage of processing at 48 kHz

    3) then upsample the audio at 192 kHz

    4) do some more proces…

  • ADAU1451 Programming with USBi (Different protocol usage for DSP Master and Slave ports)

    Hi Team,

    I am working on a project with ADAU1451 DSP, would like to know, whether its possible to use different protocols for Self boot EEPROM and DSP's slave port for external program interface.

    We plan to use Self boot EEPROM with SPI interface connected…

  • ADAU1451 ASRC_MUTE strange behaviour

    Dear All,

    When ASRC do not have any valid input signal (no clock at input, ASRC unlocked) it should go to mute and output a data of 0 no ?
    Instead ASRC outputs a continuous data value.

    When ASRC is locked, if I manually set MUTE in register 0xF581, data…