• ADAU1450,1451, DM0/1 RAM Size

    In ADAU1451/1450 datasheet, ADAU1451 DM0 or DM1 has 16384 words size, ADAU1450 DM0 or DM1 has 8192 words size. However in sigma studio software, they are limited !! compiler_output.log file limit ADAU1451 DM0 or DM1 size to 8192, ADAU1450 DM0 or DM1 size…

  • RE: ADAU1451 ASRCs settings questions

    Hi Dave,

    recap what you said "The ADAU1451 has two 8-channel ASRCs. " is it really true? I wonder because I found on data sheet that ADAU1451 has 16 channel " 8 rates X 2 channels per rate". ADAU1451 and 1452 should be the same, right?…


    Is code generated for the AD1450 compatible with the ADAU1451 and ADAU1452.. The design utilizes the ADAU1450. But for second sourcing considerations , can the ADAU1451 and ADAU1452  be substituted without any code changes?  

  • ADAU1451 slave I2C pin (30, 31) should should be high impedance or short to GND?

    Dear Sir,


    Our customer have question that their case is in cut the ADAU1451 power off in standby mode.


    They would confirm I2C state if we cut the ADAU1451 power off.

    It should high impedance? Or short to GND?


  • What decimation ratio

    Hello Guys,

    I am developing PDM MEMS mic with ADAU1451. We are using 48k UltraSound Mems. What is decimation ratio on ADAU1451 PDM Mic interface? Is it adjustable?


  • ADAU1451 and ADAU1452 development in using memory butget

    Dear Sir,

    Our customer have project using ADAU1451 DSP chip in development, and will release SW in tomorrow; they found a mistake which is they using ADAU1452 EVB and ADAU1452 project configuration to design ADAU1451 schematic. Their want to know there…

  • Loop ADAU1451


    Is it possible to create a loop in Sigma studio to execute low level bloc (multiply, add, and so on) ?

  • Two technical issue in ADAU1451 application: I2S in slave mode and  SPDIF Tx can’t output 96KHz sample rate audio stream

    Dear Experts.


    Our customer is choosing ADAU1451 in the new design, and they met two issue in ADAU1451 application, would you please help to check and give some advice how to fix the issue?


    1, There are four sets of Input Serial Port in 145x. In…

  • Demux ADAU1451

    We are designing a digital audio console with ADAU1451 DSP

    We need to use the Aout3 TDM 8 output  of ADAU 1451  to get four AES-3 outs. How can we demux the 8 channels to use four  DIT 4096 Texas stereo serial audio to AES converters?  
    Or do you know another…


    I am working on a linux driver to interface with a ADAU1451 that is running a program developed in sigma studio.  I have exported the header files and am able to interact with the device over spi but I find the SigmaStudioFW.h quite lacking.  The generated…