• Generating right BCLK Adau1450

    Hi All,

    I am using a Adau1450 with three I²S inputs and three I²S outputs. Output0 is master of BCLK and LRCLK and should generate a LRCLK of 93750Hz. For two channels, BCLK should be 93750*32*2 = 6Mhz

    The DSP is clocked on MCLK with 24.0MHz. I attached…


    Is code generated for the AD1450 compatible with the ADAU1451 and ADAU1452.. The design utilizes the ADAU1450. But for second sourcing considerations , can the ADAU1451 and ADAU1452  be substituted without any code changes?  

  • Serial Port Clock Domains in ADAU1450

    In ADAU1450, Do we require seperate clock domains (LRCLK and BCLK) for each Serial data input and output?

  • ADAU1450 EQ切換爆音





  • ADAU1450 master interface read/write

    Dear everybody,

    Could any one help to check the project,(see below link). why the master interface read/write module don't work correct?


    thank you very much for your…

  • ADAU1450 volume setting from microcontroller

    Hello all,

    I could use your help with the following:

    We have an Adau1450 connected with I2C to a microcontroller. In the 1450 is a volume controller which I have to set with 8.24 fixedpoint values. But I don't want to do complex computations in my microcontroller…

  • ADAU1450 Sigma Studio Bug? Instruction cycles

    Hi everybody!

    I don´t know if i´m wrong about program memory, but for the ADAU1450 and ADAU1452 they are the same number: 8192 words. However, when i compile the same program at the same sample rate, the results are different. Is it because of the core…

  • New Sigma300 Family Products:  ADAU1451 & ADAU1450

    New ADAU145x (Sigma300) products are available and the product pages are now live on analog.com.  


    294 MHz, 16 kWords of on-chip data memory, 320 milliseconds of delay memory


    147 MHz, 8 kWords of on-chip data memory, 160 milliseconds…

  • Unable to write/read from  ADAU1450 DSP

    I am not getting any data from Sigma, when i try to read data from a memory location through SPI

    The following procedures were done

    - MCLK =12 Mhz

    - made the reset (pin 24) high ,

    -To make Sigma in SPI mode three dummy Spi writes are done


  • Are writes with IPAT in ADAU1450 done at the end of a sample?

    Hello All,

    I think I want to use the IPAT to set 6 gain values in one trigger event, as explained in https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/sigmastudio/usingsigmastudio/indirectparamaccess

    But I don't know whether the writes are done at the…