• RE: DM0 and DM1 after reset in ADAU1450

    I haven't used SigmaStudio in a while, so I can't tell you what those compiler options do. My suggestion would be to just test them.

    Should it be needed, here's a variant of my program that also clears PM (except for the program itself obviously…

  • RE: Are writes with IPAT in ADAU1450 done at the end of a sample?

    Hello Reini,

    The IPAT table writes are exactly the same as safeload writes. They are done at the end of the regular code before the end of the frame. 

    I do want to add that in this processor you can write the gains without safeload or the IPAT table without…

  • RE: Serial Port Clock Domains in ADAU1450

    Just found this post after several days of searching. Had been pulling my hair out over this...

    Seeing the exact bug described on a board I designed. I am using port 0 as output, with LRCLK and BCLK both as master. I set port1 to slave from clk domain…

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  • ADAU1450 multipurpose ports MP0/1/2/3/6/7 LED drive?

    Hello all,

    The datasheet of the ADAU1450 states that digital output ports cannot be used to drive a LED (page 8: $Electrical Characteristics, Digital Input/Output). Nothing is said explicit about the multipurpose pins. Does anyone know if the outputs…

  • ADAU1450 Volume Control

    I did a volume control test in the ADAU1450 and found no way to control the volume output (only no output and 3dB 2 results)

    Volume Control

  • Popping Noises with the ADAU1450

    In my project I used the ADAU1450 to self-boot. I‘m having trouble with popping noise when I switched EQ.

    I have used DC-BLOCKING in my design. I also tried to mute before switching data, but these effects are not ideal.

    I would be very grateful…

  • ADAU1450 通过AUX ADC 检测电压值,如何使用 ReadBack 模块读取,他们的对应关系是怎样的


                  ADAU1450  通过AUX ADC 检测电压值,如何使用 ReadBack 模块读取,他们的对应关系是怎样的。

    比如,AUX ADC 脚1Vdc,对应的ReadBack  (8.24 格式或32.0格式)是多少?


  • 一些ADAU1450问题


    ~但我发现我没法把程序烧录进去(SPI连接,在线编译时SigmaStudio MODE为红灯),最终我需要让测试版自启动




  • ADAU1450 EQ切換爆音