• ADAU1450问题




  • ADAU1450 Volume Control

    I did a volume control test in the ADAU1450 and found no way to control the volume output (only no output and 3dB 2 results)

    Volume Control

  • ADAU1450 routing matrix



    Are there any know issues with the routing matrix of the ADAU1450 module?


    The reason for this questions:


    Actual configuration:

    ADAU1450 and sigma studio 3.11.2.

    There are no output signals at  S_DATA_OUT 0..3.

    LRCLK, BCK signals seem to…

  • ADAU1450 and 1451?

    The recently released ADAU1452 is an available target device in Sigma Studio 3.10 beta.  This SS version also includes ADAU1450 and 1451 as possible target devices.  However, I don't see any information on the latter two part numbers on the ADI website…

  • migration from ADAU1701 to ADAU1450

    We have a product based on the ADAU1701 and a microcontroller.   The microcontroller uses SPI to load the DSP program and update parameters on the fly using hardware safeload writes.

    We are considering migrating to the ADAU1450, and we are wondering what…

  • Popping Noises with the ADAU1450

    In my project I used the ADAU1450 to self-boot. I‘m having trouble with popping noise when I switched EQ.

    I have used DC-BLOCKING in my design. I also tried to mute before switching data, but these effects are not ideal.

    I would be very grateful…

  • 一些ADAU1450问题


    ~但我发现我没法把程序烧录进去(SPI连接,在线编译时SigmaStudio MODE为红灯),最终我需要让测试版自启动




  • ADAU1450 - production programming tools


    Can someone suggest me some production programming tools for


    Best regards


  • Programming ADAU1450 through WinE2PromLoader

    We have developed an ADAU1450 board with AA1024 EEProm, following the scheme of the evaluation board.

    Now we want to start the production, but the programming process of the EEProm through DSP takes a lot of time.

    I've tried to use the WinE2PromLoader…


    Is code generated for the AD1450 compatible with the ADAU1451 and ADAU1452.. The design utilizes the ADAU1450. But for second sourcing considerations , can the ADAU1451 and ADAU1452  be substituted without any code changes?