• ADAU1446 clipping algorythms

    Hi. I'm experiencing some odd results using the clipping tools. The clipping behaves as expected at low frequencies but modulates rather than clips at higher frequencies. The problem becomes perceptible at about 5/6k and is really noticeable at 8/9k as…

  • Wiring up the ADAU1446

    Hi. I'm hoping for a little bit of guidance. I've been playing around with the ADAU1701 quite successfully but it has some limitations the ADAU1446 would get round - I think. Snag is I have no experience with AD/DA conversion or how to glue these things…

  • ADAU1446 Flexible TDM Configuration

    I am struggling to successfully configure an ADAU1446 for the following scenario


    Serial Input 0 - Provide 48kHz master clock to external stereo codec with data format of 24 bit TDM2

    Serial Input 1 - Provide 48kHz master clock to external stereo codec…

  • ADAU1446 ASRC Problem


    we recently got a Dev Board for ADAU1446. Basically everathing works really good but we cannot figure out the following:

    We want to route SPDIF In via the ASRC to the DSP. For this we did the following:

    -In Hardware Config/ Register Control…

  • ADAU1446 clocks issue

    Hi everyone.

    I have a problem with my project, i'm using the ADAU1446 dsp. This is my configuration:

    XTALI receives a clock of 24.576MHz from an active crystal

    XTALO is so left disconnected.

    CLKOUT is set to give a buffered copy of clock, and…

  • ADAU1446 Hilbert transform response



    i'm using the Hilbert transform block on an ADAU1446 for envelope calculation.

    It really has a phase difference of 90° between its outputs, but you cannot call

    any of the two output a "zero degrees" output, because it shows a …

  • ADAU1446 I2S sample rate



    We have a custom board with a ADAU1446 SigmaDSP and a AD1939 CODEC, both running with a master clock of 12,288MHz and sample rate of 48kHz. We would like to connect a Bluetooth board/chip over I2S. The setup works if we set the ADAU1446 as slave…

  • adau1446 input / output continuity

    Hi, I have

    TDM2 16bit I2S selected on input 4

    TD8 16bit I2S selected for output 4

    on the adau1446. I'm switching clock domain 4 SD pin from input to output mode and switching the input/output on/off depending if I'm recording or playing back audio…

  • ADAU1446 CRC/WD + SigmaStudio

    So, here again. I have multiple questions :

    1)I'm lost in SigmaStdio Version. On download page there is :

    SigmaStudio Version 3.1.21 (Beta)

    SigmaStudio Version 3.1.21 (Current  Release)

    File downloaded are named :

    SigmaStudio3110.zip (3.1.10 …

  • ADAU1446 Audio output problem


    I used ADAU1446 to make a product. And use MCU  to control ADAU1446. But now there have a problem, sometimes when the machine is poweron but the ADAU1446 have no audio output. I want to know is what causes it? Is there any way around this?

    I have…