• adau1446

    Hi, does anyone know if the an incorect external clock ( 24.576mhz ) can stop the adau1446 from responding to a start condition on I2C? I have am adau1446 with 1.8v on DVDD and 3.3v to other power pins but cannot get a responce ffrom I2C. I have the PLL…

  • ADAU1446 ASRC

    I have two digital audio devices that will not be synchronized to each other and that I want to exchange digital audio back and forth between. Into and out of each device there are 4 lines of I2S TDM4 serial audio (16x16). Each device will be the master…

  • ADAU1446 ASRC

    Dear ADi Experts

    I'm struggling with my project based on ADAU1446. Unfortunately I don't have any development board, only my target device...

    Project is much more complicated than showed in examples on wiki or tutorials and I have difficulties…

  • ADAU1446 linux driver


    I'm designing a board with an arm linux processor and I would like to include the ADAU1446 to give audio DSP capabilities.

    But this chip is not in the list of available drivers.

    Is there any linux driver available for the ADAU1446?

    Any plans…

  • ADAU1446

    there are four audio inputs, which algorithm shall i use to change 4 into 7.1. 

  • ADAU1446 CLKOUT modulating

    Hi. I've built a prototype using the ADAU1446 using the CLKOUT as fs*256 to clock a CODEC. It's working and I'm not conscious of any problems with the output signals that might be caused by the master clock. However, CLKOUT appears to be frequency modulating…

  • ADAU1446, SERIAL_OUT management


    I'm using ADAU1446, and I use 4 outputs whith TDM2, I2S signals. They all share the same bit clock.


    So I output clock, master, fs normal for SDATA_OUT2 on LRCLK11 and BCLK11. So…

  • ADAU1446 ADC



    i'm having troubles in using the adau1446 ADC. I've read its datasheet and AN951 about GPIO, but i haven't found anything helpful.

    I have ADC input 0 (MP0) pulled down through a 100K resistor, pin MP0 is set for aux adc input, other…

  • Integration of ADAU1446 DSP



    I'm developing an aircraft intercom system using ADAU1446 DSP and AD1938 CODEC.

    We need two DSPs to construct our system. One of both is master and generates BCLKs and LRCLKs for slave DSP.

    One of both is slave and receives CLKs from master…

  • ADAU1446 Dither

    Is dither applied to all I2S output ports in this processor family? In the AD1940 family this is an option on the I2S port description and I find no mention of Dither in the ADAU144X family.