• ADAU1445 I2C problems

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem...

    I have an ADAU1445, and it's getting it's MCLK externally (12.288MHz).  Power supplies are all OK. I'm writing to the I2C port.  First I initialize it the way you're supposed to according…

  • ADAU1445 Selfboot

    Hello Brett,

    I have just discover this forum.

    I checked that the problem that I have with my eval-board (ADAU144x) is not something new. I can not work in self-boot mode.

    I follow the steps that I found in this forum but I my eval-board doesn't work…

  • ADAU1445 ASRC help needed

    Dear All,

    Please guide me in configuring parameter in sigma studio for routing "SDATA_IN5" thro' ASRC for ADAU1445 based project.



  • adau1445 no audio out?

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to use an adau1445 with my pcb designed on my own. I can see the BCLK LRCK MCLK on the scope, these are ok. I can reach the DSP over the USBi, I can toggle a LED as well But I can hear no audio, altough I connected a sine source…

  • ADAU1445 PLL filter.


         If one were to connect the PLL filter for the ADAU1445 to the 3.3v rail instead of the 1.8v would this cause any damage to the chip?

    Thanks in advance,


  • ADAU1445 channel invertion


    I've build a program in Sigma Studio for ADAU1445 with simple input some standard volume sliders, one mux and delay blocks before output. And comparing first 4 output (left channel) to second 4 output (right channel) I have 180 degrees invertion…

  • ADAU1445 CRC error



    I've experienced a problem with using the "CRC error sticky" bit of the ADAU1445.


    The ADAU1445 DSP in my design is configured by an external microcontroller using the I2C interface. The software configuration routine uses the automaticly…

  • ADAU1445信号延时


  • ADAU1445 safeload readback fails

    Hello to all,

    i searched all your threads about my problem but find nothing to my failure.

    In my system i used a adau1445 for audio signals. I load the coefficients for the biquad filters with the safeload mechanism that works almost fine but in one…

  • SPDIF ADAU1445/6


    I'm using ADAU1446, I want to use spdif sending 8 digital outputs through the optical fiber.

    And 'possible to use the spdif output of the DSP or do I have to use an external component?