• ADAU1442 XMOS problem


    I  am trying to interface an xmos usb to adau1442. My setup is.  Xmos usb connected to serial data input 0 ant serial data out 0 i have an external dac as asynchronous . So far i have tested the output section with a sinewave generator in the schem…

  • ADAU1442 hardware design

    Hello All,

    We are developing a product where we need to interface 6 I2S ports to the processor. Due to limitations in number of channels on the processor side,  We decided to have a dedicated Codec/DSP to collect all I2S port's data and stream it on one…

  • ADAU1442 channel assignment


    the ADAU1442 is designed as a multi-stereo device by pairs of inputs and outputs and the datasheet documentation advises to use them as pairs.

    We would like to use the channel lines of the pairs to be routed as single lines (means f.e. the left…

  • SPDIF on ADAU1442

    Hi al,

    I'm running into a very annoying problem, it's quiet urgent, the product is in a rather final phase... . I've just received a first batch of a new product with a ADAU1442 on board. On all devices, the SPDIF in and out does not work! The PCB are…

  • ADAU1442 sample rate訊息

    請問ADAU1442是否有register能取得輸入音源的sample rate資訊?

  • About SRC in ADAU1442

    Dear support team,

    Could you tell me about SRC details below ,please?

    1.Lock time of SRC from enabling SRC.

    2.Ouput delay time of SRC from enabling SRC.

              Lock time + Group delay?

    3.Behavior of SRC when SRC ratio is changed.

         Detail of fade-out and…

  • Replacing ADAU1442 with ADAU1467


    for a redesign of a system with ADAU1442 and 5 AD1938 i want to replace the ADAU1442 with the ADAU1467. I try to remove the ADAU1442 in the hardware config, there is an error message "The selected IC is beeing used by one or more algorithmus..." which…



    I am working on  Console Mixer  using IC - ADAU1442  for audio processing.In my project ADAU1442 IC works as master but there is some issues in my project - THD( thermal harmonic distribution ) fluctuation at output.I am using audio precision for…

  • No Master Clock ADAU1442


    I'm working with the ADAU1442. I have developed my own prototype DSP_Board with the ADAU1442. See the PDF.

    Everything was working but suddenly the Master Clock doesn't work. So there is no frequency on XTALO and XTALI. Before there was a…

  • An  issue about ADAU1442

    Dear Engineer,

    I am studying the part ADAU1442, and i plan to use I2C to control ADAU1442, changing the parameter (EQ, volume, route)at the same time.

    I wonder whether or not there are formula for volume, just like EQ's.