• RE: DSP Audiobridge (audio matrix) with ADAU1442


    . Even without the hardware connected over an USBi, is it possible to use sigmastudio and experiment a bit with all those items before ?

    Yes, You can use Sigmastudio without hardware connected. You can design your program flow and…

  • ADAU1442 volume control + mute feature of I2S inputs

    I would like to use the ADAU1442 parts for 2 of my sound cards.
    I need to mux more than 4 various digital signals where the ADAU1442 seems to be a best candidate.
    I need to make a volume control + mute feature of all I2S and one SPDIF input. And…

  • ADAU1442 hardware design

    Hello All,

    We are developing a product where we need to interface 6 I2S ports to the processor. Due to limitations in number of channels on the processor side,  We decided to have a dedicated Codec/DSP to collect all I2S port's data and stream it on one…

  • How to implement a EQ with 31 band on ADAU1442?

    I use bandpass filter to seperate and modify gain of band.  Finally use signal add to mix all band. It's works. But there is a problem, the sound has some noise after filter. Before the filter, sounds clear. 

    How to fix this problem? or anyone has another…

  • Echo cancellation with ADAU1442

    Is there a way to implement some kind of echo cancellation on an ADAU1442 device? The AEC block is not supported in this device family so I'm wondering if there's a way to emulate it using discrete blocks. We're at the point in our design stage where…

  • Modified FxLMS block for ADAU1442 eval board

    Good afternoon!

    I am wondering if it is any way to use the Modified FxLMS block or FxLMS block for the ADA1442 eval board. This board supports only NLMS block, which is not very useful for multi-channel ANC.

    Thank you!


  • ADAU1442 GPIO output is always high


    I simply want to toggle MP0 pin high (+3.3V) and low (0V) from Sigma Studio. I have connected a voltage meter between Pin 2 (gnd) and pin 3 (MP0) on the ADAU1442 evaluation board 50-pin header but no matter what I do, the MP0 pin stays high (+3.3V…

  • Replacing ADAU1442 with ADAU1467


    for a redesign of a system with ADAU1442 and 5 AD1938 i want to replace the ADAU1442 with the ADAU1467. I try to remove the ADAU1442 in the hardware config, there is an error message "The selected IC is beeing used by one or more algorithmus..." which…

  • ADAU1442 EVM self-boot not working


    I have an EVAL-ADAU144XEB board. I use SigmaStudio 4.2 and USBi to communicate with the board and the board works fine, except that I cannot get self-boot working. When I reset the board, nothing happens except D4 COMMS is flashing. 

    I can write to…

  • RE: An  issue about ADAU1442

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