• ADAU1442

    Hello Everyone
    Currently I am working on Analog Device ADAU1442-3A YSVZ and using Sigma Studio Software in which providing multiple inputs and getting desire output this work is done manually in sigma studio. Is there any way to interfacing this with the…

  • ADAU1442


  • ADAU1442





  • ADAU1442 SPDIF Lock Bit


    When connecting a SPDIF Signal to the ADAU1442 the first time after power on there is a nasty click.

    Question: Is it possible to access the SPDIF Lock Bit ( Reg 0xE0C9) from inside the ADAU1442 program to trigger a delayed UnMute ?


  • Linux Driver for Sigma Studio

    Hi, all

    I would like to get "Linux Driver for ADAU1442"

    Do you have a linux Driver for ADAU1442?

    If it possible, how should I search the driver?

    Thank you so much.

  • RE: ADAU1442 - Can I output two TDM16 streams?


    I'm inputting 8 stereo channels and expanding to 16 stereo outputs, processing everything at 48KHz. I'll input two TDM8 streams and have to use two ADAU1442s to be able to get 16 stereo outputs, outputting a TDM16 stream on each ADAU1442 into…

  • RE: Writeback with ADAU1442?


    Unfortunately the ADAU1442 hardware does not support writeback to the EEPROM. Therefore, it's a bit harder to make a completely standalone system with the ADAU1442 in comparison to the ADAU1701.

    The main advantage of self-boot in an ADAU1442…


    Hi all,

    I've currently connected the CLKOUT to the chip which interprets the TDM8 output of the ADAU1442. This solves the issue from my previous post (ADAU1442 Clocks). However, is it possible to route the same signal to 3 ADC and one DAC chip as…



    I am working on  Console Mixer  using IC - ADAU1442  for audio processing.In my project ADAU1442 IC works as master but there is some issues in my project - THD( thermal harmonic distribution ) fluctuation at output.I am using audio precision for…

  • ADV7842 audio out into ADAU1442

    Hi all

    I want to route the audio from the ADV7842 into the audio dsp ADAU1442. If  I will use standard I2s mode I will loose 4 inputs out of 9 in the ADAU1442 ,which I can't afford. do I have in the ADV7842 some output mode that can fit to the TDM8 mode…