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  • ADAU1442 potentiometer


    I make a musical instrument using ADAU1442.

    I do not understand a method to change the volume with a potentiometer.

    Please tell me the method.

  • ADAU1442

    Hello Everyone
    Currently I am working on Analog Device ADAU1442-3A YSVZ and using Sigma Studio Software in which providing multiple inputs and getting desire output this work is done manually in sigma studio. Is there any way to interfacing this with the…

  • ADAU1442 Clocks

    Hi all,

    I've got a setup in which a DSP (ADAU1442) is connected to 3 ADC (1974) as input and another DSP as output. Currently the ADAU1442 is master of the TDM stream to the ADC's bus slave to the TDM stream in the output. However, I noticed some artifacts…

  • Writeback with ADAU1442?

    Is there any way to implement a writeback to EEPROM in ADAU1442 like there is in ADAU1701?

  • ADAU1442 EVB

    We are developing noise removal algorithm by using SigmaStudio.
    Now Noise Reduction algorithm is running under 16kHz sampling and ADAU1442 EVB is used.

    1. I want to know the algorithm that is implemented under 49kHz sampling.
    2. I am considering the beamformer…

  • ADAU1442 Power

    I'm confused on what "DVDD" needs to be to the ADAU1442.  The data sheet says 1.8 volts.  So on my layout I have it connected to +1.8 volts.  But then I was going to connect some pullups on the "PLLx" and "CLKMODEx" pins.…

  • ADAU1442 SPDIF Lock Bit


    When connecting a SPDIF Signal to the ADAU1442 the first time after power on there is a nasty click.

    Question: Is it possible to access the SPDIF Lock Bit ( Reg 0xE0C9) from inside the ADAU1442 program to trigger a delayed UnMute ?


  • Echo cancellation with ADAU1442

    Is there a way to implement some kind of echo cancellation on an ADAU1442 device? The AEC block is not supported in this device family so I'm wondering if there's a way to emulate it using discrete blocks. We're at the point in our design stage where…