• Microphone connection to ADAU1401A


    Is it possible to connect a microphone to ADC of ADAU1401A?

    Since there is not MICBIAS, etc. on ADAU1401A, so I believe that it is difficult

    Do you know any solution to connect a microphone to ADAU1401A?

    Best regards, TomY

  • ADAU1401A power line

    Dear support team,

    I have a question about power line.

    ADAU1401A makes core voltate(1.8V) from 3.3V.


    If 3.3V power line goes down to arround 2.5V, is core voltage gone down? or does it remain 1.8V?


    At Q1 situation, if core voltage remains…

  • RE: Operating range of Junction temperature

    I'm not clear exactly what you're looking for here. The maximum junction temperature spec is only listed as an absolute maximum. This is the maximum temperature that's supported on the junction between the IC and the board for the ADAU1401A. The operating…

  • RE: Availability of ADAU1401

    Thank you Dave, I had overlooked the ADAU1401A.



  • RE: The ADAU1401A maximum analog inputs current.

    Hi David,

    It would be appreciated if you could clarify the following:

    1.      Can driving the analog inputs of the ADAU1401A supplied with +3.3V AVDD from a source providing up to 30Vpp audio signal with the inputs sinking and sourcing up to 2.2mA peak currents…

  • RE: ADAU1401 : 192KHz Sampling of S/PDIF from eval board: high freq distortion?

    Second post with 8416 signals.

    Note that MCLK was also probed at the input to the ADAU1401A (TP-6).

  • RE: About delay of ADC and DAC in ADAU1401A

    The group delays of the ADAU1401A's converters are:

    DAC: 400 us

    ADC: 480 us

    These delays are constant across frequency.

  • RE: ADAU1701 I2S IN-I2S OUT @ 96kHz

    I just see that there is a ADAU1401 (not recommend for new designs)  and a ADAU1401A.... Is there a difference? I hope not as the boards I'm testing now are the ADAU1401

  • Self-boot duration of an ADAU1401 / ADAU1701

    How long does it take for an ADAU1401A SigmaDSP to self-boot from EEPROM? (maximum time)

  • ADAU1401A I2S interface issue

    So I have a design where we're pulling audio sources into ADC0 and ADC1,  Additionally, I've two channels of I2S connected to SDATA_IN0.  The DSP is the master, and has its LRCLK and BCLK on MP10 and 11 tied back to the LRCLK and BCLK inputs on…