• ADAU1401A manual?


    Might I know if ADI have any ADAU1401A manual besides datasheet?

    We find ADAU1401A initialization procedure is not in detail. Might I know if ADI has the timing diagram for setup sequencing and power up time for ADAU1401A?

    We shall follow the guide…

  • ADAU1401A power line

    Dear support team,

    I have a question about power line.

    ADAU1401A makes core voltate(1.8V) from 3.3V.


    If 3.3V power line goes down to arround 2.5V, is core voltage gone down? or does it remain 1.8V?


    At Q1 situation, if core voltage remains…

  • ADAU1401A output impedance

    Dear support team,

    Could you tell me about aoutput impedance of DAC in ADAU1401A,please?

    Best regards,

    Takehiro Yabune

  • 0x081D register in  ADAU1401A

    Dear support team,

    SigmaStudio(3.6.2 latest version) wrote 0x00,0x08 data to 0x081D register.

    But datasheet said that this register is reserved.

    Should we write it to this address or should not?

    Best regards,

    Takehiro Yabune

  • Microphone connection to ADAU1401A


    Is it possible to connect a microphone to ADC of ADAU1401A?

    Since there is not MICBIAS, etc. on ADAU1401A, so I believe that it is difficult

    Do you know any solution to connect a microphone to ADAU1401A?

    Best regards, TomY

  • ADAU1401A initialize sequence

    Dear support team,

    I confused about these descriptions below:

         Datasheet P.17


         1.Set Bits[4:3] (active low) of the DSP core control register (Address 2076) to 1 to mute the ADCs and DACs. This begins…
  • ADAU1401A I2S interface issue

    So I have a design where we're pulling audio sources into ADC0 and ADC1,  Additionally, I've two channels of I2S connected to SDATA_IN0.  The DSP is the master, and has its LRCLK and BCLK on MP10 and 11 tied back to the LRCLK and BCLK inputs on…

  • ADAU1401A - Connecting external slave mode codecs

    Hello all,

    I am considering the possibility of using the ADAU1401A in my project.

    I wish to use several external codecs with I2S bus. the codecs are in slave mode.
    I've noticed the ADAU1401A serial input port works only in slave mode, while the output…
  • Power Supply Sequence of ADAU1401A

    Hi, ADI Support Team

    Is there any Power Supply Sequence between AVDD, DVDD, PVDD and IOVDD?
    I know that the sequence is specified in ADAU1452, etc.
    Is it same as ADAU1452?

    Best Regards, TomY

  • DAC OUTPUT Specification of ADAU1401A

    Hi, ADI Support Team

    Full-Scale Analog Output is specified 0.9Vrms (2.5Vp-p) as Typ in the datasheet.
    Is it possible to show the Max and Min value?
    Since I want to confirm whether this DAC output avoid to clip between another device, I need to know the…