• ADAU1401 I2S slave


    I am a non engineer,

    so I want to make an audio effect using adau1701/1401.

    but because there is no long delay available, I want to connect it to teensy via I2S connection,

    but I can not found any way to connect it to teensy.

    I read many articles…

  • ADAU1401 Value Hold odd behavior


    I'm seeing an odd issue with the Basic DSP Function called Value Hold.

    Below is the SigmaStudio schematic; the area of interest are the red outlined Value Hold components, and the DC component in blue outline, that controls them.

    (As an aside…

  • ADAU1401 vs STM32 TDM sound distortion on max volume

    Hi everyone

    I'm working on a project with ADAU1401 connected to STM32F746 via TDM. The STM32 playing WAV or MP3 files from SD card and routing them to different TDM channels.

    If I'm playing files on 100% volume the sound is bad, like it's above the…

  • How to eliminate microphone feedback using ADAU1401

    Hi Everyone,

    I am interested in designing a microphone feedback cancellation system using ADAU1401. The problem is when we consider a professional audio system (outdoor/indoor), the sound operator have to be very cautious about something called microphone…

  • ADAU1401 very low signal to noise ratio

    I have a noise problem with a development board that uses ADAU1401. It's made by a company called MIDIWORX and is almost identical to those mini dsp boards from china that cost about 20$. It looks like this:

    When I'm using the ADC inputs there…

  • RE: Control SigmaDSP ADAU1701 / ADAU1401 from PC

    Now the same package can also be used on ESP32 to control SigmaDSP.

    Please see here.

  • RE: How to design a FM modulator using ADAU1401?

    Hello Bob;

    I'm working on this project right now. What kind of output will we see on the oscilloscope as a result of this circuit? I just want to make sure the output is correct. Thank you from now.

    Good work,


  • Adau1401 is dead


    I have serious problem with ADAU1401. In general it does not start I2C communication and does not ask eeprom for data despite it has selfboot pin high and wp connected to eeprom and low level. I make the reset and power hard reset as well. Nothing…

  • ADAU1401 register readback


    I want to read a value using the readback function in SigmaStudio using a microcontroller connected to the I2C bus.

    For testing purpose I have connected a DC value to the readback module.

    When I press the READ button the module correctly shows the…

  • ADAU1401 WriteBack Trigger


    I want to trigger a Write Back action on the ADAU1401 to save volume control and filter parameters.

    Rather than try to build a voltage monitoring system that pulls the WB pin high when the voltage rail is dropping, I thought it might be possible…