• ADAU1401 IIS  connection problem---- how to deal with the four channel IIS serial data input to ADAU1401

    If I have four channel I2S serial data input to ADAU1401 , how should I deal with the INPUT_LRCLK & INPUT_BCLK Pin ? Because I have 4 pair of LRCLK&BCLK ,but ADAU1401 only one pair of LRCLK&BCLK.

  • Create a hex file with Sigma Studio Rev 4.4 for ADAU1401

    How do I create a hex file for loading into the eeprom for self booting.  Sigma Studio used to create a hex file every time you did a compile of the project, but that apparently has changed.  Exporting the project files does create a hex file, but it appears…

  • RE: Adau1401 is dead

    Which seller did you buy from? A panel like this will come to me in the next few days.

  • connect adau1401 to computer

    Hello, how do I connect the dsp adau1401 with the computer? thank you

  • ADAU1401 debug without Evaluationboard?


    I would like to use ADAU 1401 for my application.At the moment there is one question left:

    Is it possible to debug ADAU1401 without an evaluationboard?

    Kind regards


  • ADAU1401 WriteBack Trigger


    I want to trigger a Write Back action on the ADAU1401 to save volume control and filter parameters.

    Rather than try to build a voltage monitoring system that pulls the WB pin high when the voltage rail is dropping, I thought it might be possible…

  • ADAU1401 crystal oscillation

    The ADAU1401 is used in car infortainment project together with NXP tuner. The main problem is from the DSP Crystal frequency, as long as the crystal oscillates it will affect the FM freq at 98.3MHz. I am using 12.288MHz as MCLK. Any alternate way to…

  • ADAU1401 MCLK and BCLK

    I am currently working on a project with the adau1401. I going to be using an spdif receiver connected to an ASRC and then to the ADAU1401. The ADAU1401 will be doing some filtering and outputting i2s to a set of three DACs. I'm having an issue conceptually…

  • ADAU1401 register readback


    I want to read a value using the readback function in SigmaStudio using a microcontroller connected to the I2C bus.

    For testing purpose I have connected a DC value to the readback module.

    When I press the READ button the module correctly shows the…

  • ADAU1701 / ADAU1401 SPI Interface Timing

    The ADAU1701 and ADAU1401 data sheets specify maximum SPI clock CCLK frequency as 6.25MHz.

    The data is available on the COUT pin up to 101ns after the CCLK falling edge according to the table above, but the Figure 3 below clearly shows this delay as…