• RE: ADAU1373

    Hello Prabhakar,

    The ADAU1373 is marked for obsolescence and hence not recommended for new designs. The part might be on last buy notice. Let me check and come back to you.

    For new designs we recommend ADAU1772. This CODEC is in production and fully…

  • adau1373 PLL config


    I am working on adau1373 codec driver with a custom ti8148 board. I have picked up the codec driver from latest kernel,

    looking at the code specifically function adau1373_set_pll() it seems incorrect asper the datasheet [1] page 48, while setting…

  • can't get ADAU1373 to play

    Hi, as mentioned on another post I'm struggling to get an ADAU1373 playing i2s data coming into AIF1.

    codec_dai and cpu_dai (TI DM8148's McASP) are configured as SND_SOC_DAIFMT_I2S | SND_SOC_DAIFMT_CBM_CFM | SND_SOC_DAIFMT_NB_NF, a 20MHz clock…

  • ADAU1373 Codec Upgradeable

    Dear all,


    Wondering if this codec is upgradeable.

    Is it possible to include any modifications at the software level?

    If not can you advise any device that's upgradeable?


    Thanks, Pedro Silva.


  • Does ADAU1373 support TDM?

    Does the ADAU1373 support TDM or can it be internally configured or externally connected to allow access to all internal channels from a single digital serial interface?

    If not, would it work if each of the three serial interfaces were externally multiplexed…

  • L/R issues in ADAU1373 linux driver

    While fighting an issue integrating an ADAU1373 on a TI DM8148 based board I noticed two contradictions with the datasheet and I would like to know who is correct, I assumed the datasheet but maybe not and so a confirmation would be appreciated.


  • FAQ: [#6052] arecord fails sometimes with adau1373(2010)

    [#6052] arecord fails sometimes with adau1373

    Submitted By: Vivi Li

    Open Date

    2010-06-01 05:29:38     Close Date

    2010-11-16 22:04:51


    Medium     Assignee:

    Cliff Cai


    Closed     Fixed In Release:


    Found In Release:

    2010R1     Release…

  • Adjusting ALSA ASoC driver for Beaglebone hooked w ADAU1373

    I am hooking up an ADAU1373 with a Beaglebone board to use as audio codec. The codec is on an eval board, and I connect the I2C and I2S lines from the Beaglebone pinrow connecters manually (later we will be making a custom cape with the codec).

    I am…

  • RE: ADAU1961 Linux kernel for 3.2.26

    Hi Michael,

    Would it be possible to get the follow files, we can modify these on our own to meet our needs.




    Rich G (on behalf of customer Brett G was working with)

  • RE: ADAU1701 sample rate con-verters

    Depending on the application you might also find the ADAU1772 and ADAU1373 of interest since they also have ASRCs built in.  Although these will not be as flexible as some of the more standard SigmaDsp parts.