• sigmastudio 3.11.1 support for adau1372


    I am trying to power up and work with the ADAU1372 eval board. However, I do not see the processor on the list of supporter devices or in Sigmastudio software (64-bit Windows 7 ver 3.11.1 or 3.11) . The user guide and other documentation seem to…

  • ADAU1372 Output signal paths

    Hello all,

    I've got some questions about ADAU1372 outputs :

    • In the block diagram of the ADAU1372, I don't see any low pass fiter on the DAC outputs so I assume there is one implemented directly in the component, is it correct ? So is that mean…
  • ADAU1372 Analog Input pins


    Does 4 input pins of AIN0 ~ AIN3 on ADAU1372 have protection diodes internally in the IC ?

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  • ADAU1372 differential DAC filter


    I've read the datasheet for ADAU1372 and cannot find an example for a differential filter for the DACs (optionally can be configured for differential output).

    Would this filter ( AD1937 datasheet) be a good place to start?

    My goal here…

  • ADAU1372 unused analogue pins

    Page 28 of the ADAU1372 data sheet under the heading Analog Inputs states "Connect unused input pins to the
    CM pin or ac-couple them to ground."

    Under the heading Analog Line Inputs its states when single ended "Tie the AINxREF pins to the CM…

  • Using ADAU1372 without ASRC

    Hi all,

    I've connected audio analog on analog input 2 and 3  (J22) of EVAL-ADAU1372Z and I'm checking digital output on Serial audio interface (J4).

    My signal routing configuration is bellow :

    I don't want to use ASRC and normally I don't…

  • ADAU1372 TDM8 + 32K Problem.

    I am using two ADAU1372 chip to get 8 channel ADC & 2 channel DAC using TDM8 Mode.

    Now we got our first PCB board and start to work.

    After set the registers , we found the TDM8 mode has some problem at sample rate of 32KHz .

    our setting:


  • ADAU1372 ADC digital level to low

    I'm using the ADAU1372 for analog audio.

    When I was verifying the proto-board that I made, I cannot obtain the digital signal level as what I was expecting.

    The expected analog level in at the ADC is 0.45mVrms and I was expecting -6dBFS out on the…

  • ADAU1372 with regards to sampling rate

    Hi ,

    I would like to know if i can use ADAU1372 with sampling frequency fs = 37.5khz with MCLK of 9.6MHz by passing PLL fs=fmclk÷256

    Thanking you 

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  • Thermal resistance θjb for ADAU1372



    I would like to know thermal resistance of junction to the bottom (θjb) for ADAU1372


    The above data is not available in Datasheet. Only find θja and θjc.


    Please kindly assist.


    Thank you.