• ADAU1361 BCLK pin

    I could be wrong and it may be a register setting I haven't got right. It appears that the ADAU1361 clocks itself from the pin in master mode rather than an internal copy. If true this is problematic if the load cannot be well constrained. In our application…

  • ADAU1452 serial data clocking for an ADAU1361 simultaneous playback and record

    I am considering a project that would use an ADAU1452 to receive serial audio samples from an ADAU1361, process them, and then send them back to the ADAU1361 for output. The ADAU1361 contains only a single set of BCLK / LRCLK pins, and thus operates fully…

  • ADSP21371 - ADAU1361

    Hi to all

    I want to connect audio codec ADAU1361 to ADSP21371. For configuring the codec i use the SPIB. In some example i saw that is used flag signal. Is this signal is for setting the CLATCH signal tree times low. And  how this is achieved?

  • ADAU1361 crosstalk

    We are using an ADAU1361 with 2 single-ended microphone inputs, and have observed significant crosstalk between the channels. We connected the microphones to the LINP & RINP pins rather than the LINN/RINN pins as is suggested in the datasheet, and LINN…

  • ADAU1361 DC Offset


    we have used the ADAU1361 in a product that will be operational this year and we are quite happy with the way it works. We are pairing it with a Linux box to capture analog audio and doing our captures using the ADI driver adjusted to run ou our…

  • ADAU1361 Noise When Unplugged


    Hope all is well.

    We use ADAU1361 in our design with two single ended microphones. 

    The two mics are connected to negative inputs as pseudo differential and grounded with AUDIO_GND.

    When we unplug each microphone, we observe high background…

  • ADAU1361 SNR problems

    Hi !

    I've a customer that has problems with the ADAU1361. In their case there can be either analog or digital microphones

    used with the Codec :

    "When enabling of the digital microphone block (PDM input on the codec) increases the noise floor…

  • ADAU1361 or ADAU1761

    ADAU1361 or ADAU1761 can be used as PDM to I2S converter?

  • [ADAU1361] Unused outputs.


    When the input is used by a pseudo-differential motion.

    What processing is necessary for ADAU1361 unused output pins(LOUTN, ROUTN, LHP, RHP and MONOOUT)?

    Is it good as open?

    Thank you!

    Best regards.


  • ADSP 21364 - ADAU1361

    Hi to all,

    I am traying to interface the ADSP21364 to audio odec ADAU1361,but i have some fears. In the manual of the codec i can`t find and understand what are the number of bit for the serial port output.How i can choose to transfer 16 bit data from…