• RE: additional audio input for adau1701

    Yes, and one method would be using an ADAU1361:


    • The steps for adding this to your system are as follows:
    • Supply the MCLK signal from the ADAU1701 to the ADAU1361…
  • RE: ADAU1761 ADC_SDATA pin direction? In or Out?

    This naming convention might be easier to understand if you consider the case of a pure codec, like the ADAU1361, which does not contain a DSP.

    In the case of the ADAU1361, the input to DAC_SDATA is output directly on the DAC, and the input signal to…



    Could you teach the input timing of MCLK?

    Is it necessary to input MCLK earlier than "Apply power to the ADAU1361 "? (no using the PLL)

    (ADAU1361 data sheet Page 24 of 80)

    1.Apply power to the ADAU1361.

    2.Lock the PLL to the input…

  • RE: adv7842 MCLK output

    GuenterL wrote:

    You will have to supply MCLK from another source and mux it in.  There should be no synchronization issue

    Very informatively... It is mistake in design of ADV7842! The elementary video-ADC has onboard audio-PLL for getting synchronous…

  • ADAU1361 or ADAU1761

    ADAU1361 or ADAU1761 can be used as PDM to I2S converter?

  • ADAU1361 crosstalk

    We are using an ADAU1361 with 2 single-ended microphone inputs, and have observed significant crosstalk between the channels. We connected the microphones to the LINP & RINP pins rather than the LINN/RINN pins as is suggested in the datasheet, and LINN…

  • ADSP21371 - ADAU1361

    Hi to all

    I want to connect audio codec ADAU1361 to ADSP21371. For configuring the codec i use the SPIB. In some example i saw that is used flag signal. Is this signal is for setting the CLATCH signal tree times low. And  how this is achieved?

  • It is a question on ADAU1361.


    ①LINP/LINN and the terminal RINP/RINN are used by a pseudo-differential input to use the ALC function.

     The signal is input to LINP and RINP, and the signal is not connected with LINN and the terminal RINN.

     What processing is necessary for…

  • RE: [SSM2603]Group Delay Spec

    Hello Sofy,

    I would use ADAU1361 Group Delay Data as it is more closer to the portable CODEC SSM2603. Please check Page 10 of ADAU1361 datasheet for Group delay numbers for ADC and DAC @48K sample rate.



  • RE: 16bits-Codec mode of ADAU1381/1361


    The TDM port will drive all slots. Unfortunately there is no option to make the ADAU1381 or ADAU1361 go high impedance (tri-state) during unused slots.

    Also, neither the ADAU1381 nor the ADAU1361 is capable of 512 BCLK cycles per frame.

    So, I…