• ADAU1361 LAUX and RAUX sampling


    Could you confirm if the LAUX And RAUX inputs can be simultaneously ADC processed as well as played through LHP and RHP ?

    If not, how much would be lag in between the input and output?

  • Reading max-hold sample values from ADAU1542 to implement automatic ADAU1361 gain configuration

    My project (a fully-custom bass/guitar effects processor) consists of an ADAU1452 DSP, an ADAU1361 codec, and an STM32 microcontroller. Given the vast array of potential input signal levels (active vs passive pickups, direct input from the instrument or…

  • ADAU1452 serial data clocking for an ADAU1361 simultaneous playback and record

    I am considering a project that would use an ADAU1452 to receive serial audio samples from an ADAU1361, process them, and then send them back to the ADAU1361 for output. The ADAU1361 contains only a single set of BCLK / LRCLK pins, and thus operates fully…

  • ADAU1361 differential amplifier not working, no internal bias on input pins - damaged part, or just misconfigured?

    I'm bringing up a new design that utilizes an ADAU1361, and I've run into a bit of a snag that I'm hoping is just due to a misconfiguration of the device, but which I fear is actually evidence that the device itself is damaged (with everything being out…

  • ADAU1361 DC Offset


    we have used the ADAU1361 in a product that will be operational this year and we are quite happy with the way it works. We are pairing it with a Linux box to capture analog audio and doing our captures using the ADI driver adjusted to run ou our…

  • ADAU1361 ADC Full-Scale Level with negative PGA gain

    Hello Analog Community,

    The ADAU1361 datasheet states an ADC full-scale level of 1 Volts rms when operated with AVDD = 3.3 Volts. My question is, when using the PGA in single ended mode (line-in) with a gain of -6 dB, will the device accept 2 Volts rms…

  • Status of ADAU1361 when the headphone amplifier is not used


    I have a question about ADAU1361.

    Will it be Hi-Z when the headphone amplifier is not used in ADAU1361?

    I would appreciate it if you could reply.

    Best regards,


  • ADAU1361/ADAU1961 About usable frequencies


    I would like to use two products, ADAU1361 / ADAU1961.
    We are judging whether it matches the specifications.
    Below, there are some frequencies that are not in the data sheet, so
    I want you to check if it can be used.

    There are two conditions.
    I think…

  • ADAU1361 I2S Startup BCLK / LRCLK synchronization


    We are currently trying to improve our system which is mainly based on the ADAU1361 for all the clocking purpose (our Blackfin DSP is connected to the ADAU I2S. The DSP SPORT is set as  slave, so that it is clocked using the ADAU BCLK/LRCLK).

    The problem…

  • codec ADAU1361 −12% to 14% typical input Gain Error


    I use a ADAU1361 on the audio path of a radio. The value of the digitilized input signal does not match with the input measured signal. The "error" is between 0.4dB to 0.8dB, for 150mVrms/1kHz sine input (its alomst the same error with smaller…