• ADAU1328 "TDM (8-Channel I2S Mode) question

    I'm trying to get the ADAU1328 working in slave mode with 8 output channels and 4 input channels, and according to my oscilloscope, I am duplicating the timing shown in Figures 12 and 13 in the ADAU1328 datasheet. At the moment, I am just focusing on…

  • ADAU1328 DAC output filters (would passive be okay?)

    Hi There,

    I'm considering using passive filters directly after the outputs of the DACs on the ADAU1328. Is this a bad idea?

    I see that the datasheet recommends active filters on the outputs of the DACs.


  • looking for ADAU1361/ADAU1328 reference implementation for Blackfin

    Hello All,

    We were using the AD1980/AC'97 for audio, and are switching to the ADAU1361/ADAU1328 combo, and I am looking (and hoping) for any basic reference implementations for the device on a Blackfin processor.  We are using a BF548, but any Blackfin…

  • With regards to full range Analog input range ADAU1328

    Hi ,

    Could you  please let me know with regards to full Full Scale Voltage of Analog Input for ADAU1328.

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes

  • ADSP21478 Control ADAU1328 PLL lock indicator not locked Question

    Hi I'm Sean

    I use custom board for ADSP21478 .

    I try to control ADAU1328.

    But the PLL lock indicator register respond to "0".

    How can I double check program  problem or Hardware problem?

    The program is stop to the LockTest,becasue the…

  • Audio Codec 16-24 bit six output Vs six 16bit DAC

    Audio Codec 16-24 bit six output Vs six 16bit DAC Solution

    Hi ADI support Team,

    I’m Looking to use an Audio codec ( 16 or 24 bit  ) with six output instead 6 DAC ( 16 bit ).

    Will be true that using a 6 output Audio Codec like ADAU1328 BSTZ I will get…

  • RE: Replacement for AD1835AASZ-REEL


    Unfortunately, there are no drop-in replacements available for the AD1835A. I recommend that you evaluate the AD1938, AD1939, or ADAU1328 -- they all can perform the functions of the AD1835A and are recommended for new designs.



  • RE: AD1939 Failing to Verify PLL Lock ADSP-21489 Ez-Kit Based Design


    1) Can you try by reducing the SPI speed?
    2) Are you using custom board? Can you share the probing of SPI signals?
    3) What is the crystal oscillator frequency using for AD1939?
    4) What is the desire frame sync rate and bit clock rate for codec?
    5) What…

  • CODEC Recommendation

     HI ADIer

    I'm looking for an Audio DSP or CODEC  that conforms to the specifications below.

    1. I/O Requirements

      - 6Ch DAC

      - 2Ch. ADC

      - SPDIF Input

      - SPDIF Output

      - I2S Input

    2. If you do not exactly meet the above specifications, please suggest…