• ADAS3023 undocumented behavior

    Hello EZ,

    We have successfully managed to get the ADAS3023 to work as described by the timing in the datasheet; however there are some observations and undocumented behavior that we would like ADI to address:

    (1) We have observed that in our system…

  • ADAS3023 Input range

    I am confused about spec. in the datasheet identifying the input range.

    I use the adas3023 with the "COM" pin --> ground,

    So the input range is the TABLE 1.   

    Because Adas3023 can set the PGIA gain. So I can set the PGIA 

        Single -ened…

  • ADAS3023 High Voltage Protection

    Dear all,

    I would like to protect ADAS3023 inputs for very high voltages ( Up to 1000V). Somebody knows what elements has the input stage for this IC, I need it for adjusting the values of the external protection devices I plan to use. I have read MT-069…

  • ADAS3023 power sequence


    according to the datasheet of ADAS3023 the power sequence must be as following (page 24):
    There is a schematic on page 21 (Figure 38) where AVDD, DVDD and VIO coming up together since all those voltages connected…

  • evaluation board for the ADAS3023?

    Is there an evaluation board for the ADAS3023?


    Yes, the EVAL-ADAS3023EDZ board can be used to evaluate the ADAS3023 part,
    which is compatible with the Converter Evaluation and Development board -
    EVAL-CED1Z. Refer to
    UG-515 for…
  • ADAS3023散热问题

    我用ADAS3023做数据采集,发现这个芯片发热量很大,查看了一下datasheet发现功耗是2W,热阻44.1℃/W,那么温升不就有88.2℃吗?在datasheet的第5页下面又标明温度范围在-40℃~+85℃,常温下工作不都超过这个范围了吗?看了ADI的"ADAS3023 FPGA Reference Design"上面都没有加散热片的,这样真的可行吗?

  • problem in ADAS3023 digital data

    Dear all,

    I'm using ADAS3023 in part of my design. When I want to config CFG register, it works OK without any problem and CFG is configured. but When I want to read data of 8 Converted Channels, it seems that all 8 data are same and fixed. even if I…

  • IBIS model available for the ADAS3023

    Is there an IBIS model available for the ADAS3023


    Yes, please follow the link below:
  • problem in adas3023 digital data


    I am working with the adas3023 converter, I have separated the power supplies and I follow the boot sequence that appears in other post, with a power supply of + -15V and 5V using the ADP1613.

    My intention is to read an alternating signal of + -…

  • Unexpected behavior ADAS3023 Evaluation Software

    Dear all,

    I’m trying to evaluate ADAS3023 but I’ve encountered that the Evaluation Software seems to have some unexpected behaviors.

    This is the configuration I’ve got in the board:
    -          IN0, IN1,…IN8 and COM signal to GND with jumpers using P1 connector…