• ADAS3023

    This is my schematic, the chip is soldered by hand, and then burned when the chip is powered. At first the DVDD was connected to the analog power supply and was not powered in the specified order. The next time I changed these problems, but when I supply…

  • ADAS3023: FAQs

    Q: What types of input signals does the ADAS3023 support? Can it convert true differential signals?

    A: The ADAS3023 can resolve single-ended unipolar or bipolar inputs using any of the four input ranges (±2.56V,±5.12V, ±10.24V, and ±20.48V) of an internal…

  • What is ADAS3023?

    What is ADAS3023?


    The ADAS3023 is a SAR-based simultaneous sampling analog-to-digital data
    acquisition system IC manufactured on ADI’s proprietary iCMOSRegistered high-voltage 
    industrial process technology that integrates an 8-channel, low leakage…

  • ADAS3023: headroom requirement

    What is the headroom requirement of the ADAS3023 inputs from the high voltage


    In other words, the specified operating input voltage of any input pin requires
    at least 2.5 V of headroom from the VDDH and VSSH supplies.
    (VSSH + 2.5 V…

  • ADAS3023 Evaluation Software

    I have some questions/remarks about the ADAS3023 Evaluation Software.

    Today I received the EVAL-ADAS3023EDZ board together with EVAL-CED1Z. I made the setup as described. In addition, I grounded the DIG1 Signal (P21) and grounded the COM (P31). I connected…

  • ADAS3023 - power supply sequencing

    Q: What is the correct power supply sequence for the ADAS3023 to operate properly?


    A: The ADAS3023 requires these five supplies: AVDD = +5V, DVDD = + 5V, VDDH = + 15V, VSSH = - 15V, and VIO = 1.8V to 5V. The user must bring up the ADAS3023 power supplies…

  • Driving ADAS3023 inputs

    Hi to everyone!

    I'am working on a data acquisition system based on ADAS3023.

    Input signals are bipolar and single-ended.

    I can't find on datasheet details about track & hold circuit or any information about best performance driving circuit.…

  • ADAS3023 - power supply sequencing

    I have a question about power supply sequence ADAS3023.
    The data sheet has an order, and the time condition is not written.
    Is the following sequence safe?


    The whole is a single power supply system. It is designed to be powered all at once.
    ± 15 V => …

  • ADAS3023被烧


  • ADAS3023 device latched


    in the enginieer zone there is the following ADAS3023 discussion:

    ADAS3023: How to release a latch after power up?

    Unfortunately it ends with "I have sent a private message to you."

    We are planning to use ADAS3023 and ADAS3022 in…